Fortnite Events Not to Miss: Stranger Things, New Items and Weaponry

Fortnite Events Not to Miss: Stranger Things, New Items and Weaponry on Freepps Top Blog

The Fortnite update 9.30 reveals a lot of stuff to get busy with. There will be a horde of new items, weapons, challenges and events to participate in.

The highly anticipated Fortnite update will feature brand new dance emotes, skins, LTMs, backblings and, drum roll... pickaxes! Among the listed events are Storm Chasers: Surfin', Summer Splashdown and 14 Days of Summer. The event names imply that we'll get to test some laid back and summer-themed deathmatches.

New stuff includes:

  • Pink Flamingo outfit;
  • Megabat — possibly an aerial transport;
  • Water Balloon;
  • Lumi Core Green;
  • Floral Shell;
  • Saxy Groove —a seductive dance emote;
  • Brave Bag;
  • Heist — either an event or a professional robber outfit.

Stranger Things cartoon will also make a cameo, which has been officially confirmed by Netflix chief of interactive gaming Chris Lee. Possibly, ST crossover will be one of the challenges to expect.

Additionally, there will be two extra-modes: Strategic Structures and Builder's Paradise:

  1. Builder's Paradise. This mode will provide more building resources, and the structures you erect will have dramatically increased health-points. These structures can be edited by anyone, no matter who architects them first.
  2. Strategic Structures. Here stone and metal walls will become virtually unbreakable. But resource supply will be awfully meager, so think twice before building anything.

Finally, Fortnite will get a Tank Mode. HP value and shield of every player are dramatically increased in the mode. Health potions are banned — instead you get to use a siphon. In other words, health restores once you eradicate one of the hostile enemies.

Fortnite update 9.30 is available since June 18, 2019. Don't miss out on new stuff — the update has already gained the title of 'Epic'.

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