Fortnite Test Proves Gamepadvantage

Fortnite Test Proves Gamepadvantage on Freepps Top Blog

We guessed that inputs matter, and today’s gamepads, products of long directed evolution, should have some advantages when it comes to, say, Fortnite. But the truth turned out even more shocking. Put away your keyboard, just not to smash it on reading this.

As cross-platform as it gets, Fortnite was always supposed to equalize players from diverse worlds, with various inputs. No doubt, its keyboard layout for PC is decent. But the score shows that gamepad owners have a serious advantage.

More Than a Matter of Taste

There have always been two parties, dividing players into controller supporters and keyboard-and-mouse fans. Both sides have their reasons in the argument, and in some domains the answer is clear. Say, RTS as a genre is where gamepad fails, and racing games, on the contrary, are much better with controllers, not necessarily wheels.

As for FPS and TPS, the argument is still open. The developers do their best to equalize the experience; in Fortnite, say, we have Aim Assist mode. Gamepads, with all their pros, never reach the level of precision the mouse provides. Just try both inputs on the same device to make sure. That’s what Aim Assist is to recompense: now console players have something against the precision of a mouse.

But it cannot be the reason why playing Fortnite with a controller is better. It cannot be about only one feature. That’s what has been shown by a recent series of experiments.

Fortnite as a Lab

Gamepad picture

The one who experimented is a well-known Reddit user named “Elijahyeur”. He or she tried various shooting modes to show the advantages of controllers finally. The result can be seen on the video where various weapons’ behavior at the moment of fire is reviewed.

To cut a long story short, if you use a gamepad, you will much less suffer from recoil and kick. It’s not about aiming at all, and, to prove it, Elijahyeur tried the same tests with Aim Assist off.

The video is spectacular and convincing, though it raised arguments all over the Internet almost immediately. Some users think the whole thing is fake. Others cannot accept that it might be. And they have a reason to resist: not everyone can afford a good gamepad just tomorrow, some need to update the entire system or buy a console to enjoy the advantage. But material expenses are nothing before the necessity to admit you’ve been on the wrong side in the holy war.

No wonder that FortniteINTEL, a news outlet belonging to Dexerto network, tried to repeat the test. If it’s conducted correctly, the results must coincide. That’s exactly what happened: FortniteINTEL confirmed the advantages of controllers.

You can repeat it as well if you wish. It doesn’t take any special software or plugins. Just run Fortnite in Creative mode, then build from 8 to 10 walls in line with each other, make windows in these walls, then take a gray Common Assault Rifle, and make a hot through all the windows.

This test seems rather artificial, and, though the difference it shows is drastic, it should be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to real gameplay. First of all, it is artificial and has almost nothing to do with real matches. Second, though the recoil is really varying, it needs to be proven in real matches that this difference affects PvP mode noticeably. Individual differences between players may be much more significant.

Better Keyboard Days to Come

Finally, the game gets updates constantly. The developers have probably noticed all this hype around this imbalance. Perhaps they are already taking measures to make players equal again.

So look at your keyboard you (we hope) didn’t smash. What we recommend is checking the story after two or three updates. If you want a gamepad – buy it. But we guess the whole story is much more ambivalent than it seems now.

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