Fortnitemares Features the Most Terrifying Peely Skin

Fortnitemares Features the Most Terrifying Peely Skin on Freepps Top Blog

When it comes to Halloween, everybody starts to invent terrifying updates; but Fortnite, with its unleashed creativity, seems ahead of them all this time. The event is already named Fortnitemares, and it offers really terrifying skins and mods for those you already use. Among the new skins it brings, probably the most spectacular is Peely.

Fortnitemares Features

Looking like half-banana, half-skeleton, the new skin is still very realistic when it comes to movements. Seeing those shaking ribs and grinning skull really sends shivers, probably because of the contrast with lightminded banana half.

Even before the event started, fans could see Peely in a promotional video. Of all the skins featured in 2019, Peely has received the most impressed reviews. Well, it’s been the most trolling one since the beginning, because a big killing banana is something hard to imagine and being killed by one feels especially bitter and strange. Now, finally, the Peely looks like real nightmare fuel.

How to Get the Skeleton Peely?

If you re impressed by this bonana skin, you can get it from the Item Shop. It also features about a dozen cosmetic updates that suit Halloween aesthetics. There are also Skull Trooper Neon, Ghoul Trooper, Modern Witch, and more male and female skins.

Care What You Wear

Though none of the skins provides any advantage in real fighting, except for masking abilities, they do make sense in addition to pure fun. These skins are bright and easily noticeable, so they make it harder in terms of stealth action. But if you prefer open combat style, with perplexing your opponents and getting them shocked then killed, any of these new masks will do. As for screenshots and gameplay videos, they are an even better option.

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