Foursquare Launches Its Own Restaurant-Advising Bot

Foursquare Launches Its Own Restaurant-Advising Bot on Freepps Top Blog

What's a “good restaurant”? Foursquare has an answer: it’s the one you’d like. So its new project is a bot that tracks your visits and rates, analyzes your preferences and predicts what restaurants you’re about to like.

This week, the company launched the Marsbot, an app for personalized recommendations. As the developers suppose, Marsbot will work proactively and notify you when there’s a restaurant you’d like to visit somewhere nearby.

As Marissa Chacko of Foursquare notices, the app will answer your questions like “where to have a dinner” or “where’s the best food” even before you ask them.

Find best place to have a dinner

It seems doubtable after the twist with separating Swarm apart from the main Foursquare app while keeping them based on the same service with the same account. 

The trick is about to be played again. The Marsbot will use your Foursquare account and history and go together with Foursquare as tightly as Swarm does.

The app will answer your questions like “where to have a dinner” or “where’s the best food” even before you ask them.

Yes, the app requires your location services always on, and it will certainly use your Foursquare history to make its decisions. With an existing Foursquare database, it seems easy to generate recommendations. 

In fact, the main Foursquare app already has something like this, so Marsbot only makes sense if it enhances this experience. And it certainly does, but it takes some time to roll it out.

For now, the app is only available for iPhone users dwelling in NYC and San Fransisco. Apparently the quality of the app’s recommendations will depend on the intensity of Foursquare usage and the number of active users in the area. 

So Foursquare doesn’t promise the worldwide availability of the app soon, it will roll out slowly as new areas get covered. If you want to taste the Marsbot as soon as possible, you’ll have to check to the waitlist.

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