Free Apps to Upgrade Yourself While Locked In

Free Apps to Upgrade Yourself While Locked In on Freepps Top Blog

While your normal life is interrupted by this sudden quarantine, it’s time to reinvent yourself, even partially. Why not discover a new skill in you? Or maybe revive your hobbies from long long ago? Or learn something completely new you have always wanted, but had no time to? Now what you definitely have is time.

It may sound cynical, but our time is probably perfect for pandemics like this. The medicine is much better prepared for it than it was a century before. And staying home is much more comfortable due to computers, mobile devices and the Internet. And, of course, apps that help you upgrade yourself in lots of ways.

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Well, you have a dream: everyone does. And now you finally have enough time at least to start. What have you been eager to do? Learn Chinese? Master the ukulele? Or become a writer? There’s a whole lot of old and new free apps that can help you with that. Some offer premium services for an insignificant subscription fee, but that’s not necessary.

Speak Languages

How can you practice a foreign language when you’re alone? With a gamified learning app, of course. Made for practical purposes, they usually contain popular colloquial phrases and constructions, so you can use these apps to improve communication skills along with language learning.

The number one app in this industry is Duolingo. With it, you can learn various languages – most European, Oriental, Middle Eastern, and African. Lessons include reading aloud (with voice recognition engine checking you), matching words to images or translations, translating sentences, and so on. Basically, the app is free, though you can purchase a Premium account and enjoy unlimited lives. There are also its likes, but you better find a grammar textbook for the selected language to support your practice with theory lessons.

Face the Music

It’s not about all the time you have wasted in your life, and now the situation makes you recollect it. Take it quite literally. Music used to be a part of trivial education rather than entertainment for centuries. Why not fill that gap now for yourself?

There are apps that help you get familiar with music. For example, Tonal Harmony Analysis will introduce you to the basics of harmony in music. MuseScore is the notation course where you can read or write scores. Finally, Yousician brings you practical lessons of guitar, bass, ukulele, or piano.

If you are into production as well as playing, here are Garage Band and Figure. With them, you can record tracks by particular instruments and create sessions to mix your own songs.

Master the Art of Storytelling

A good story is always in demand. And while the inspiration is entirely yours, the tools for work are here for you. These ones are rather professional tools, but they are good for learning as well.

For example, with Anchor, you can record your podcasts and learn how to do it. Wattpad is the perfect tool for fiction writing. Scrivener is a great tool for screenwriting: look at one example (they can be easily found online) of a familiar movie and write your own. Finally, you can edit your videos with Replay, a free tool that lets you tell stories with rich media materials.

Clear Your Social Calendar. We Have to Cook

It’s a big time for food delivery, but the food they deliver is neither the healthiest nor the most affordable. Money is quite an issue for everyone now, and, though you may have less of it, you have more time instead. Why not try cooking in your own kitchen finally?

BBC Good Food is this sort of app. It offers thousands of recipes for free, with step-by-step instructions. So does Tasty or Big Oven, and many others. It’s easy to get started, especially if the recipe has a video instruction. These apps also help to plan your shopping, no matter if you venture out to markets or order delivery.

Basically, food apps free your creativity as soon as you master the cuisine art even a little bit. You start combining ingredients, altering methods, see the difference in nuances, spice your dishes differently, and so on. There’s more to cooking than scrambled eggs or defrosted pizza, and this wonderful world is available in lots of apps.

Stay In, Cheer Up, Work Out

Along with all other pros of apps for home workouts, they are of educational value as well. At least, some of them. Feeling tired after a workout with well-shaped instructors on video is great. Keep, Fitify, or 7 Minute Workout do the job. But there are also apps telling you more than how this or that exercise is done.

For example, Virtuagym displays you animated 3D models with exposed muscles, instead of live instructors. This may look less attractive and somehow scary. But that’s where you can learn more about your own build.

Last but not least, a good workout will get your blood to circulate better in your brain. So, your cognitive abilities are enhanced for the next lesson of language, music, or coding. If you have enough time, you better do a bit of body workout and then flex your brain. It’s better to have these apps broadcasted to your TV to have a better view while training.

The developers don’t hurry to make their workout apps free, even temporarily (unlike entertaining services management). But most of these apps can offer a free mode, with the limited number of workouts or exercises, and less (down to none) customization options. You may try there, and if you find it useful, get your subscription.

Dance While Nobody’s Watching

Here is your chance to refine some dance moves you have always been too shy to practice in public. Got a TV in your room? Act like you do with workout apps. Dance lessons contain instructions, videos, step-by-step explanations, and so on. They specialize in various styles: Pocket Salsa is about Latin styles, Fitivity is about hip-hop, Belly Dance Fitness, Step Dance Moves are just what they say on the tin.

Put a big mirror near your TV and watch yourself copy the instructor’s moves. The music is already included. Dance and enjoy becoming a better version of yourself!

Take an Online Course on ANYTHING!

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Finally, there are versatile apps that help you (or your kids) revisit and deeper understand school or college disciplines. These are Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera and others, covering lots of subjects. You better install them and explore them to search.

Which of these apps did you try? Are they that useful? Any better alternatives to those we named? Share your opinion in the comments. We will be grateful, and other readers will, too.

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