Free AppsAlert: Wo.Audio, Photo Power, The Earth

Free AppsAlert: Wo.Audio, Photo Power, The Earth on Freepps Top Blog

This time, we have a new pack of apps gone free. We have a good photo editor here, an app meant for better falling asleep, and an educational app for children telling about Earth’s structure and history.

Wo.Audio - Relax,Sleep,Hypnosis ($1.99 - Free)

Wo.Audio app Wo.Audio app

This app is a kind of digital lullaby for kids and adults. It presents a beautiful combination where sounds of nature and tender musical instruments are nicely combined. You can adjust your combination so it sounds the most pleasant to your ear. Both music and sounds of nature are organized into 10-minute fragments easy to combine. The built-in mixer doesn’t take a DJ or studio expert to get with.

The playback supports fade-in and fade-out effects for smooth switching. It’s recommended to use headphones to get surrounded by the sounds, but a good speaker connected to your device is fine too. Maybe the only thing the app lacks is a built-in alarm clock, but you can as well use third-party one.

Though Wo.Audio is available both for iPhone and iPad, it has only gone free in iPhone version.

Photo Power ($4.99 - Free)

Photo Power AppPhoto Power App

This photo editor for iOS has gone free for the time unknown. It can process huge photos fast even on old devices. For previewing it uses a thumbnail with a smaller resolution, and when you have made all the editing steps, it renders the original photo with preserved quality. You can even select output format from HPG, GIF, and even TIFF or BPM.

Photo Power is made up to today’s requirements, so it proposes both manual adjustments and fast filter-mode editing. The latter is organized with filter groups. Select LOMO filters and preview the photo in real time. You can also select the group of filters you need. There are also HDR effects and an animation editor.

The app is available both for iPhone and iPad, and any edition is available for free. Photo Power was been last updated in January 2015. 

The Earth by Tinybop ($2.99 – Free)

The Earth, an app

The developer famous for its basic educational apps for kids has made one of its apps free. This interactive model allows the young explorer to dive into the Earth and see its structure, layer by layer. There is an animated presentation of long geological processes that can be played back within minutes.

The kid will learn about how continents drift, how lithosphere moves, how small events contribute to major changes of the Earth’s surface.

Do you want a volcano to erupt, a continent to move, a mountain to grow up or to fall down? All these million-year processes can be viewed in spectacular models made by Tinybop. The app is rich in detailed animation and translated into many languages.

Tinybop constantly updates its apps, including The Earth. It doesn’t look like the app is made free because of abandoning. So don’t wait too long to install it.

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