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​Free Fitness Apps for iPhone: Top 3 on Freepps Top Blog
According to the latest researches, 150 minutes per week spent on physical exercises considerably reduce risks of severe illnesses developing. Today keeping fit is not as an affordable activity as we would like it to be. And it’s not only the expensive training in the gym or (what is more) training with a personal trainer. Due to the fast pace of life and various problems to be solved during a day, we have almost no time for the regular physical activity. Doing itevery now and then, as a rule, does not bring the desired results.

Mobile Fitness Applications

Fortunately, there is such a wonderful phenomena as mobile phones and a fitness tracking software which may be installed there. They are always with you, monitoring your progress and motivating to reach the set goals. Moreover, you may easily adjust your personal training
program to your lifestyle. In case you need some ideas, just check the following short list of the best three fitness applications you should install on your iPhone.


At first, it was just a companion application for the Fitbit’s trackers, but with time it transformed into a full-featured standalone service, allowing to track one’s activity as well as food and water intake, to map the routes for running/cycling, and much more. 
Any time you launch the app, it will also provide you with the detailed information about:
  • the number of steps you’ve taken and miles you’ve passed,
  • the amount of calories you’ve burned;
  • the time you've spent on exercises;
  • weight tracking stats;
  • sleep tracking stats.

One more interesting option is the challenging: set a goal together with a couple of friends or family members and compete for the leadership in its achievement, sharing your statistics and motivating each other.
Working very fast and smoothly, Fitbit also boasts a rather user-friendly navigation.
Runkeeper: Available Options


If you are fond of running, hiking, or fitness walking, this app will be a perfect companion for you. Runkeeper isn’t a simple route mapping app – it shows users a real-time statistics, consisting of multiple elements: the distance covered, the average and top speeds, etc. 
Anytime you wish, you may perform the following actions:
  • Check the history of tracking and cardio workouts records;
  • View the specific training programs created by the renowned coaches;
  • Synchronize with a wearable for tracking the heart rate;
  • Follow the plans focused on the weight loss;
  • Turn on the audio coaching to stay informed of the most significant parameters, etc.
The social part of the app allows sharing your workouts or a current route with others in the most popular networks.
Please, note that the app requires the GPS running in the background which causes faster battery draining.

Simply Yoga

The strength workouts are not for everyone. It’s not necessary to pace yourself with running, lifting, or other hard exercises. Instead, you may practice yoga, using this application created by one of the former Microsoft’s developers.
The app fits everyone, even a beginner who has never seen a yoga mat before. To start training, you need to choose the most appropriate class duration (20/40/60 minutes) and its difficulty.
Then just follow the illustrated instructions with explanations and practice the yoga poses even without leaving your home. With a pleasant music in the background, you’ll both relax your mind
and train your body.
As Simply Yoga doesn’t require a network connection, you’ll have an opportunity to practice almost anywhere.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that none of the fitness applications will allow you to participate in the Olympic Games; however, they will help you live a healthy life as well as be fit and happy with your body.

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  • k
    6 years ago
    Runkeeper is one of my all-time favorite apps. You can't compare it to an app like Mail, of course, but it helps me get going way more than random youtube videos. For a single mom like me drawing motivation from my own progress is way better that watching pumped creatine girls on youtube.
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