Free Games Alert: Lost Souls, Space Marshals, Lily & Band

Free Games Alert: Lost Souls, Space Marshals, Lily & Band on Freepps Top Blog

Today we have some more free offers, and they’re all about gaming. No matter if you like space tactical adventures, quests or musical simulators, you’ll anyway find something to your taste.

Lost Souls ($4.99 - Free)

Lost Souls HD

Lost Souls is a quest that takes you with the wind and suggests a long adventure with the main character. Her name is Bella, and some mystic power has stolen her child right from the family building. The ancient paintings on the walls have something to do with this kidnapping, so Bella travels through paintings as portals to imaginary worlds.

Quests are not the kind of game to be replayed. But Lost Souls has something more than just a storyline and the main quest. The game is stuffed with inner mini games that color up the process and make it more fun. There is also Collector’s Edition with more levels and mini games within. If you wanted this game but wondered whether game length is worth its price, here is a free offer.

Space Marshalls ($4.99 - Free)

Space Marshalls

This tactical action game has been developed by fans hooked on Sci-Fi of the late XX century, so its plot and aesthetics are much alike space action movies of the 1980s. Your character is a specialist called Burton who has survived a space prison riot. Now he has to build a team and fight the criminals that had busted loose. So space is, in fact, a star frontier, and cosmic western fans hooked on Firefly should get the most pleasure out of it.

The game has a thoroughly made 3D world you act in. You can use environment with its interactive elements to hide from your enemies, to get protection or to single them out. Stealth games freaks have left tons of delighted reviews to Space Marshalls. The game looks like a high-level sci-fi cartoon and supports the latest iOS features like Metal Graphics or Retina Display.

Lily & Band - The Animal Orchestra ($4.99 - Free)

Lily & Band

And this one is a learning game for little kids. If you want your children to discover the world of music, the game is a great way to show what’s behind a radio-played hit. The main character Lily has her own band of animals playing the guitar, the piano, the drums, tap dancing and rapping. There is a good collection of popular songs even a little child can recognize.

In this playful and colorful manner, the game learns young players about tones and notes, cadences and sequences, tempos and phrases and much more. Yes, in the beginning, it requires parents’ participation, especially if the kid can’t read yet.

We must warn that although Lily & Band has gone free in 2016 only, in fact, it has been last updated in 2013. But anyway, notes and BPMs haven’t changed since, and other musical things remain the same.

We don’t know whether these games have gone free constantly of it’s a limited time offer, so you better be quick to install them.

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