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While we always have Google Play Music on most Android versions, and cable connection to a PC on all of them, there’s still need to download music directly to your phone or tablet. The need has many faces, and the biggest of it has a Queen’s line across – “I want it now!”

Well, if you want a song right now, you can download it immediately and enjoy it as long as you want, regardless of your connection status. You can do it with your default browser (whatever it be), but there are better ways, with the integrated player and other options.

We are now to review the best free music download apps for Android or those we consider the best. We must warn you that (as some of these apps can be used for illegal downloading) nit all of them can be found at Google Play. To us, it’s as strange as stopping selling kitchen knives because they can be used for killing people. But that’s the policy, so we will recommend alternative sources if the official is unavailable.

Supercloud Song Downloader

Like many apps allowing pirated music search, this one is available on its developer page only. Simple as can be, it contains just three sections. There are search tab, downloaded songs section, and your local library you can play with this app. The opposite is also true: the songs you download with it are available through any other player.

The searching is done easily: type the name (or its fragment if you’re not sure about how the author spells it), and tap the button. Then see the results and select the specific file to download.

The greatest problem with this app is the necessity to search manually within its search results. Many files it proposes can be unavailable, so you better try them by starting streaming. If the song starts in streaming mode, it can be downloaded; otherwise, proceed to the next one.

Free MP3 Downloads

Being as Google-unfriendly as can be, the name yet tells the essence of the app. Available in Play Market, it's powered by This project offers only copyright-free music, so you will find no songs by Ed Sheeran, Rihanna or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yet there are about 45,000 musicians promoting their music for free, and you can find some real gems in this crowd.

If you’re searching for hits, you better subscribe to some commercial service. This app lets you discover new names and listen to the music with all the rights.

The app is a bit overloaded with ads, but the music you download is available offline, and it’s worth some inconveniences while searching.


And here comes a specific app that offers you lots of music from India. It covers many local scenes within India, such as Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri music, and there are also world hits popular in India as well. The service offers personalized playlists, new tracks, genre, artist or album search, Internet radio with inner stations and so on.

The pro of Gaana app is its availability outside India. You can log in with your Facebook account and start streaming down music immediately. The built-in player for downloaded songs is quite functional; it even has its own equalizer! The only thing you (alas) can’t do is store audios for playing with any other player; they are exclusively for Gaana app unless you record the playback with the inevitable quality loss.

To enjoy downloading songs you only need to confirm your subscription. The first month of usage is free; then you’ll be charged with a sum that depends on your region.


Here comes another ethnically oriented service. Not going too far from India, this service is concentrated in Oriental music, especially Arabic. The app offers daily updates, popular hits, and brand new songs. You can easily listen to them, including background mode, when your device is off.

The good news: you can cache music for offline listening within Anghami, so you don’t depend on your Internet connection quality. The bad news: you can’t export these audios to play them with any other player, as they’re encoded in a specific way. We tried to extract the audios from cache (meaning the only exploration) but didn’t succeed. Yet the built-in player is quite decent, anyway, so this one deserves its place among free music download apps.

Free streaming is only available for MENA region. If you dwell outside the Middle East or North Africa, you’ll have to subscribe for $2.99/month; that seems quite reasonable if you like Oriental music.

Palco MP3

And, to cover another specific region, we offer you a special service for finding Brazilian hits. This is the official app by Brazilian radio station that offers freshest hits you can explore and download in one tap. How astonishing is the contrast, after Anghami!

The app offers a fully functional online player with a lock screen widget. It even displays lyrics while playing. This seems the perfect mode for listening online for the full playlist and downloading the specific ones you prefer. The app doesn’t require registration. The downloaded files are available in default .MP3 format.

The playlist may seem quite limited, but it’s not quite a bug, considering this app a representation of a certain radio station. Yet it gets the work on selecting tracks for you done well.

Music Paradise MP3

Is paradise a place where you can find absolutely anything? If yes, then the name of this app may seem too loud. The app is a tool for searching and downloading the songs from external sources. Later you can play downloaded music with any player, especially if it can detect audio files in your memory without specifying the folder.

There is a preview function, so you can make sure you download the right song before actually starting the download. The files are easy to find once they’re in your memory.

There is only one thing to complain. Mainstream artists and hit tracks can be found, but on trying to access the result you can find out it’s no more available. That’s not an issue with free music published by its authors; these ones are always here.

Yet the app is not available in Google Play. You’ll have to get it from the developer’s page and install manually.


To tell the truth, we don’t know the greatest music library ever, but chances are it is YouTube. Though the service is initially made for videos, artists publish their official clips, and fans uploading audio versions with a picture added to make them into videos. Then why not do the opposite?

It seems that the developers are not concerned about the thing named copyright. You can search through all the videos available on YouTube and download them. And here comes the killer feature. Before downloading the video you can select its format, and the list contains audios. The default options include MP3 and M4A. Downloading is quite slow due to converting an audio track in real time, yet it pays because finding the track you want is easier than ever.  The tracks you download are available through any player app.

Of course, the app is not available in Google Play, because it’s not the way Google wants you to utilize YouTube. So you’ll have to download the APK file from its official page.

4Shared Music

4Shared is a cloud service with great popularity among music fans. It offers 15 GB for free, and you can fill them with anything you like, including music. Not only does the 4Shared Music app allow you accessing it, but it also gives you the key to the music uploaded by other users.

Having an account is necessary, but you can register with one tap via Facebook or Google Plus. Then just search for the music you like. You can create online playlists, listen to your list of results, or download tracks. The app downloads regular .MP3 files that can be played by any player app.

Of course, no one can guarantee this music is legal. Maybe that’s why this app has been removed from Play Market. But it’s still available right where the developers put it. Though the version available on the page is not the freshest, you can just download it, and the app will lead you through the updating process.


Did you miss me? This Moriarty of Internet music is back! Yet now, after lots of trials and tribulations, it’s gone legal. Today’s Napster is no more a pirate exchange service, but quite a decent music streaming and caching app.

Its built-in search system embraces over 30 million titles you can stream or cache in your memory to listen to them offline with its internal player. You can search by title, artist, genre or even mood. And the service is completely ad-free. You can try it for free for the first month; then the subscription will cost you about $10, the default charge for this kind of service.

It’s definitely not the Napster that used to be a game changer in the 1990s, but still a great way to access your favorite music.

The nine apps and services we put here are the best in their narrow domains, and they can’t substitute for major ones like Pandora, Google Play Music or Spotify, but they can make a great addition to them. What have we missed? Add your own suggestions!

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