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Does it take a copyright violator to make more music available to the masses? We all like to listen to fresh music for free and besides streaming we’d like to store it locally. Just because sometimes we go deeply offline and sometimes we max out our data plans. But that’s no reason to live without music because it has the chemistry better living is available through.

It seems that we have to choose between paid music and piracy, but in fact there are other options. The apps we propose are available on Google Play so let’s consider them legal as long as they’re not forcedly removed by the administration.

We don’t advertise copyright violation, no way! But it’s up to developers to ensure they only propose music available under Creative Commons license or by Copyleft permission.

Of course, there’s always more to find than we have observed. But be careful: free music downloading is attractive enough for malware makers just like it is for ordinary users.

4shared Music

4Shared for Music4Shared Music

The service is considered one of the most popular for music sharing. Its web interface allows listening to streaming music or downloading it without having to wait (though it’s still full of ads). But the thing is that musicians and DJs gladly use this service to share their tracks. So we can consider it quite legal and easy to use.

All you need to start using 4Shared is to register or authorize with your Facebook or Google+ account. Then you can search for music with the built-in search system. The app is made as simple as it’s necessary. You can stream the track to preview it and then download it. As the service is public, you can as well upload tracks from your own musical library.

But first make sure you’re not violating copyrights! In fact, some artists are not welcome for public uploading. We tried to find songs by Aerosmith, Eminem, or Rihanna, on 4Shared and didn’t find a single track. Meanwhile Tyga, Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, and other artists we have successfully found probably just didn’t bother to get removed from there.

Just a hint: sometimes a little misspelling can do magic. Another hint: often official hit remixes are stored on 4Shared legally.

4Shared is designed very well, though a bit old-school, there’s nowhere to get lost. You just search for the music, select files and save them to a custom folder.  Options are not rich but all the key features are there. A little ad up at the top doesn’t mess around under your fingers.

Everything is as good as can be in terms of stability.


Rock My Run appRock My Run appRock My Run app

This app is meant to combine your music and your sport activities. What can cheer you up better that a hand-picked by DJs playlist with energy injection into your ears? Good music and good sport results often go together.

To use this app you need to register, or to log in through Facebook simply. Then you get access to thousands of mixes you can stream down to your acoustics or download/cache for offline listening. Yes. It’s useful. Many people turn their connections off not to be distracted while training, so offline music access is necessary.

The music is already mixed, so if you like original tracks with pauses at the end you better search for another app. But if you think music should never stop and never lose its vibe, that’s it. You can modify the mixes yourself, match its tempo to your steps or heartbeat if you have a heart rate sensor on.

We often think mixed playlists are good for house, dubstep, hip hop, R&B, funk, disco and other body music. But Rock My Run suggests you listen to rock mixes, oldies, pop music, country or classical music. The sound should flow while you’re running. The only thing the app lacks is downloading single tracks.

Rock My Run lets you see all necessary data: mix info, including length and tempo, your steps rate and quantity, control buttons, brief info on the current mix. You can switch to another mix by a simple swipe. It would be 10/10 if the app supported smartwatches. But it’s not easy to watch the phone screen on the run.

RMR works great and doesn’t crash even if you switch mixes very fast.

The app is so far available for Android only.

In the next section, you'll find three regional services worth your attention. If you dare to go beyond global mainstream music and like to discover new sounds and names, they’ll bring some fresh vibe into your playlists.

Palco MP3

Palco appPalco AppPalco app

Palco is a Brazilian service created for independent musicians. Artists publish their new music and audience has a lot of new names to discover. Modern Brazilian music is various to a certain extent. There are rock bands, electronic musicians and DJs, hip hop and reggaeton artists and bands, and, of course, pepper-hot traditional music.

Of course, there are promoted artists you see on banners as you launch the app. And they are worth your attention, but it’s worth also to look around for more.

Palco has all it takes to make a modern music streaming hit. Things you can find include on-demand mode, preselected radio playlists, artists sections, and recommendations. Artists have their pages on Palco, so you know how to connect to someone you like via Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or watch their videos in YouTube.

You can pause or start playing, skip tracks, see info about artists. Not all artists provide song lyrics, unfortunately. If they do, the text is shown in the main part of the screen. But album covers or artist photos are always displayed as the song is playing.

Most featured tracks are available for download, but it’s up to the artists whether to allow downloading, and some of them don’t allow. You can find the saved tracks in sdcard/Music/Palco MP3. The quality is decent but it depends on the original files artists have uploaded.

Desing-wise, the only thing that Palco lacks is the English version of the content while English interface is here for you. The app is ad-supported but there’s only one banner under the top menu and it doesn’t cause much trouble.

As for stability, the app is quick to skip tracks or stations, it provides constant smooth sound. The tracks are cached as they are played, so it takes seconds to download them.

The app is available both for Android and iOS


Anghami appAnghami appAlghami app

The app is all about Middle Eastern music. You can access both modern and traditional music of Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and so on, stream tracks on demand or to radio stations. The regional orientation is the only difference from other analogues.

Functionally, the app is average. Not that it works bad - it starts the music at the moment you tap on the track, it has a convenient built-in player and search system, it’s easily understood. But most tracks are available for download only if you have paid account. And it’s not what we’d like to find. Anything else is done quite decently.

Delving into the design, the developers acknowledge the difference between Arabic and Western users’ habits, so Anghami sports the interface in English interface and shows artists and tracks name both in Arabic and in English transcription.  It’s easy to search for particular tracks or artists by entering key words. There are also radio stations and prepared playlists for workouts, relaxation, party, travelling, even for Christmas.

As for stability, we tried this app for several hours and it didn’t crash or stop. Though, of course, it depends on your connection quality and stability. The app works in the background smoothly even if the system is overloaded.

Anghami is available both for Android and iOS.


Raggaeton appRaggaeton appRaggaeton app

The official app by is a real hot gift for reggaeton, latin and hip hop lovers. This site is one of the most popular reggaeton projects on Web and it often promotes tracks from artists that are published legally. And you can download these tracks and listen to them with no limitations and no issues with law and conscience. Of course, only if you like Reggaeton and ready to discover new names in this genre.

Sometimes there are troubles with downloading as the site administration uses public cloud services like Box or Dropbox for storing tracks.

Functionally, the app is in fact a hub that joins public pages of on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. You can also view the site in a built-in mini browser and go straight to MP3 section in the menu. There are also other sections like videos, album covers and so on, but it’s the music we care about most. It’s focused on reggaeton music, and it’s rather a feature than a bug. The downloaded files are easily found in Download folder.

The app is designed kind of too loud and picturesque, in the Latin tradition, so it’s hard to make it out for the first time. Besides that, it combines English menu with Spanish site content though it should be no hay problemo for reggaeton fans.

The app itself works well, but we can’t say that about storage. Dropbox traffic limits for public files are often exceeded, so you have to wait until tomorrow to download the song. We didn’t encounter this problem with Box.

The app is available for Android only so far.

What do you think about these apps? Do you think that free music is legal? Share it in the comments!

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  • f
    5 years ago
    Legal? Of course it is. I think since developers make those apps, the life becomes the way easier. We must pay them all the respects we have.
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  • f
    5 years ago
    Legal? Of course it is. I think since developers make those apps, our life becomes the way easier. We must pay them all the respects we have.
  • t
    5 years ago
    I like music very much. I use 4shared Music and RockMyRun. Awesome apps for every day. Anyone who can not live without music, I recommend these to you!
  • D
    5 years ago
    I've been using 4shared music for several months and this is a really great app. Minimalistic design, friendly interface and a lot of music. The ads are sometimes annoying, but still.
  • J
    5 years ago
    Cool app for free music saved! The application without fault, works well on Android. 5/5
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