Frozen Comes to Disney Magic Kingdoms Christmas Update

Frozen Comes to Disney Magic Kingdoms Christmas Update  on Freepps Top Blog

Disney Magic Kingdoms arrived with the new four-week Christmas event called “Winter Wonders.” It includes the steady stream of content updates such as new quests, characters, costumes, attractions and seasonal currency, all of which are based on the well-known and beloved Disney hit Frozen.

Familiar Characters to Unlock

All the main Frozen characters, including Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, show up to help you on a frosty journey to find the source of the storm, which struck the Magic Kingdom. And it doesn’t seem to be that easy, as you will face the villain Hans, whom you have to defeat to complete the main quest. Do you have the guts for this?

Unfortunately, the characters are not available all at once, as the game keeps them behind a timer encouraging the in-app purchases to speed through the quests quicker. However, it’s certainly possible to unlock all the content if you open the game up a dozen times a day.

Holiday Decorations

The Disney Magic Kingdoms update awes with the amazing items like Elsa’s Ice Palace and Frozen Parade Float, along with glowing holiday decorations for Main Street.

Plus, there is also a part for Mickey and Minnie in this play as well. You can dress them up in the new holiday costumes and add to your characters collection.

The game aims to bring the vivid colors to your Christmas holidays and make them even more fun. Build exclusive attractions, complete 60+ quests and save the Magic Kingdom. Anna and Elsa count on you.

Are you excited about this update? Who is your favorite Frozen character? Let us know in a comment section below.

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