Games Gone Free: Shoot The Can, Easter Eggs, Angries Vs. Flappies

Games Gone Free: Shoot The Can, Easter Eggs, Angries Vs. Flappies  on Freepps Top Blog

Playing smartphone games is the number one time-killer option for a lot of people, which is not at all surprising. The games are effective at reducing the levels of stress that you experience at work and help make the time go faster when you’re stuck at a boring meeting or in a traffic jam. Here we offer you to take a look at three entertaining iPhone games that have become free and install the ones that you would like to play. Remember not to postpone your decision to download the applications as it is unknown how long you will be able to do that for free.

1. Shoot the Can

Entertaining shooting levels in the Shoot the Can app

If you don’t want to trouble yourself with elaborate strategy games, which will take a lot of your time and effort, and all you want is simply kill some time, then the Shoot the Can app is what you need. The name of the app is quite self-explanatory – all you need to do is continuously shoot the can flying up in the air without letting it fall to the ground. The application has an extremely simple interface and pleasant background music to accompany your gaming experience. Your results will be displayed on the leaderboard, so if you’re a competitive person, you will definitely enjoy beating your opponents. Shoot the Can is a perfect app to play when you want to relax and distract yourself.  

2. Easter Eggs

Fun and colorful Easter Eggs matching puzzles

Another application that you will enjoy if you value simplicity when it comes to your smartphone games is Easter Eggs. It is a straightforward match 3 eggs puzzle that has bright visuals and cool sound effects that make playing the game even more pleasant. Similarly to many other games of this genre, you will gain points for bursting eggs when you get three of the same ones close to each other. Depending on your results, you will get from one to three stars. Currently, there are 100 levels and different game modes for you to explore, but the new ones are also regularly added to the Easter Eggs application. The game is suitable for players of all ages, so if you have children, they will definitely enjoy this colorful and easy-to-play app. If you enjoy playing these types of games, we certainly recommend you to install this app on your device. 

3. Angries Vs. Flappies

Awesome gameplay and excellent graphics of Angries Vs. Flappies

Who hasn’t heard of the highly popular games – Flappy Bird and Angry Birds? These birds have completely taken over the smartphone gaming world over the last few years thanks to their addictive gameplays. The game Angries Vs. Flappies offers you a combination of these fun characters in a single game. The app features Angries that have stolen the valuable eggs of Flappies, which leads to an epic battle between two groups. You will play for Angries that need your help in fighting off the invasion of Flappies. There are different types of Flappies that you will encounter and special Angries that you can use. The game is a lot of fun and will definitely save you from boredom whenever you need.

Download iPhone games while they’re free!

Installing applications for free is a lot more pleasant than when you have to pay for them, which is why we regularly create lists of apps that become free. If you are on the hunt for easy and fun apps that you can everywhere, then the games that we mentioned here will be perfect for you. You can play them whenever you want and quickly close at any moment if you don’t have time to continue playing. Install these awesome apps on your device and experience hours of fun!

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