Games Gone Free: UFHO2, Tank Super Wars, Neon Police Escape, Snow Off Road

Games Gone Free: UFHO2, Tank Super Wars, Neon Police Escape, Snow Off Road on Freepps Top Blog

Today, there are so many gaming apps out there that it is quite a challenge to select which ones to install on your device. A great way to search for new games is by looking through the ones that become free, thus saving your money without sacrificing the fun! Here we have created a list of four amazing iPhone apps that have just become free. They may not remain free forever, so don’t think twice and try them out!

1. UFHO2

Engaging plot of the UFHO2 strategy game

If you enjoy the games where you have to develop a strategy to win, then UFHO2 is an application that you will enjoy. In the app, you play as an alien that tries to collect gems on the territory of the maze-like UFO. Your goal is to win the matches by outsmarting our opponents. The game has improved compared to the previous versions in the sequel – there are more game modes, layouts, new characters, and achievements. Currently, the application includes 10 different planets with two storylines and more than 25 matches for you to have fun with and explore. 

2. Tank Super Wars

Modern maps and different levels in the Tank Super Wars app

Tank games have already become a classic of the gaming world. Similar to many games in this category, you have to destroy the tanks of your enemy and protect your base to win. The Tank Super Wars app provides you with 250 maps and 5 difficulty levels, which you can choose depending on how much gaming experience you have. It’s certainly a fun app to play, which offers you a modern twist on the games that we all played as children. 

3. Neon Police Escape

Futuristic design and crazy racing in the Neon Police Escape app

When it comes to the games where you can experience a true rush of adrenaline, racing games are the best ones. The Neon Police Escape app is an extremely fun and addicting racing game that will definitely keep you entertained whenever you feel like it. With its awesome 3D graphics, the game takes you to the streets of the futuristic city in 2097 where you have to race like a pro and avoid all the traffic on your way. The traffic always appears randomly, which means that your racing experience won’t get repetitive. You can also have fun with various upgrades, including shields, power boosts, rockets, and others.

4. Snow Off Road

Overcoming the obstacles on your way in Snow Off Road

The Snow Off Road app is another great racing game on our list, but this time, all the action takes place off the road. The purpose of the game is reaching the destination in the limited time that you have without destroying your vehicle. The controls are pretty easy to use – just press the left or right of the screen to drive. The game comes with 60 levels, so it will keep you occupied for some time. Crashing, exploding, flying, and other fun tricks are all a part of the application.

Don’t miss out on these great iPhone apps

The applications on the list are undoubtedly worth trying out if you enjoy playing games on your devices. All of them have a nice-looking design and are extremely entertaining – you will definitely find yourself playing the games whenever you have some time. The fact that these games are also free adds to their appeal. So, download the applications while they are still free and you won’t regret your decision! 

Have you tried our free picks yet? Share your opinion in the comments!

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