Getting Twitter's Blue Tick Easy Now

Getting Twitter's Blue Tick Easy Now on Freepps Top Blog

There is no doubt that having your Twitter account verified makes you look like a big deal. It is especially important if you have a business, and you work on promoting it on Twitter. It tells people that you can be trusted, and you’re not an impersonator, which happens a lot on the Internet. Previously, the process of getting the desired “blue tick” on your Twitter handle was quite confusing.

What has been done?

Twitter App

When Twitter was first created the main purpose of verification was to distinguish real celebrities from those pretending to be them. But, with the fast development of Twitter, more users started to need verification, including politicians, athletes, various organizations, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc. For this reason, Twitter has announced that they have come up with an online application that anyone can fill out and send in order to request verification of the account.

In addition to the obvious demand and convenience, the reason why Twitter also hopes to increase the number of verified users on its platform may have to do with the fact that more followers will be attracted to verified accounts.

What are your thoughts on the introduction of this opportunity to verify Twitter accounts? Do you consider it an improvement? Feel free to share your opinion regarding this change in the comments. 


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