Giphy Goes Out With iOS GIF Keyboard

Giphy Goes Out With iOS GIF Keyboard on Freepps Top Blog

Since Apple has allowed third-party developers to create alternative keyboards, there have been a lot of attempts to make the keyboard come alive with GIFs. 

No need to explain how it would cheer up any conversation. But all the apps for that have run into iOS’s poor support of this feature.

The famous demonstrates its own take on this issue. The Giphy Keys, released on May 3rd, 2016, is the keyboard with an add-on above letter section that allows users to search for GIFs they'd like to insert in their texts. 

Giphy Keys

The search section is elaborately embedded in the keyboard, it takes little space, but that’s enough to search for GIFs and select the ones you need.

In this way the developers have overcome the limitations other third-party keyboards were suffering from. The regular letter-and-digit keyboard looks much like the default iOS one, so it won’t take much time for you to get used to it.

The only thing the app lacks by now is auto correction

Another feature for your creative finger is the 8-ball buttons. The 8-ball is used to make GIFs out of your text, to insert weather info into random images, or to answer your question with its probability-based wisdom,  as it’s supposed to.

The only thing the app lacks by now is auto correction. The developer has the chance to outrun Apple in this field, as the default iOS keyboard is famous for its illogical algorithms often leading to funny and unexpected distortion of messages. 

If Giphy does this, chances are Giphy Keys will become the people’s choice. But so far the keyboard has no automatic correction feature at all. And still, it’s worth trying even in its current state.

Have you tried the Giphy Keyboard? Share your experience in the comments below!

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