Gmail For Android Learns To Exchange, Rich-Format

Gmail For Android Learns To Exchange, Rich-Format on Freepps Top Blog

Lately, Google has been concerned about mail apps update like never before. We’re still getting used to the power of the updated Inbox, but let’s not forget the good ole Gmail.

It has also received a small but significant update, and soon it will support Microsoft Exchange. That’s what business users have been waiting for.

It’s been regarded as Gmail’s main drawback for several years, and it hasn’t been fixed until now, even when Gmail has learned to handle third-party mail services.

Now, you can easily connect your Gmail app to your corporate mail service and sync your calendar and contacts from there. The syncing works both ways, so any change on any side will respond on the other.

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This long-awaited update is not the only one. If you host your mailbox on Outlook or Yahoo!, you can connect it to Gmail and enjoy all the benefits it offers. It’s been a truism that Gmail has the best smart spam filters and categorizing.

Now, you don’t have to switch to Gmail to have it all with your Yahoo or Outlook/Hotmail account.

Aside from mailing, Calendar integration has become stronger. The invitations now let you respond directly from mail, and after you accept or decline it you can see your current calendar plan.

Last but not least: now you can finally use rich text formatting within the body of your messages:

  • add bold;
  • italics;
  • highlight;
  • underline text fragments;
  • select it with a different color.

This simple list of options covers most users’ needs.

The update has been released on April 25th and is about to roll out to billions of Android devices gradually. Look closely: maybe you already have it on your device.

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