Gmail For Android Polished: Instant RSVPs, Rich Formatting

Gmail For Android Polished: Instant RSVPs, Rich Formatting on Freepps Top Blog

Those who were waiting for Google to finally update the Gmail app for Android can finally be pleased with the changes. Previously, Gmail app was lacking a lot of essential features that make editing the text a lot more efficient and convenient. 

To perform all the actions from changing the text background color or even underlining the words, you had to resort to the web version. Now, Google introduced a number of Gmail updates that include rich text formatting features and even instant RSVPs.

Editing the text is no longer a problem

The editing feature in the Gmail app is presented in a logical and straightforward manner and everyone can figure out how to use it to their benefit. 

All you have to do to access all the new rich text formatting features is to highlight a part of the text that you want to edit whether it is a single character or an entire sentence. In the format tab that appears you can do all kinds of changes to your words:

  • italicize
  • change the font color
  • bolden
  • underline
  • dozens of other features.

You can apply such editing changes to new texts as well as the old ones.

Instant RSVPs – manage your plans effectively

In addition to rich text formatting options, Google added another feature to Gmail that was already available in the web version and can help you manage your tasks and agenda for the day. Instant RSVP function for Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar offers you three options of how you can respond when you receive an email with invitations – “maybe,” “yes,” or “no.” 

You can immediately take a look at your schedule directly in the Gmail app and choose how to respond without having to browse through other apps to see if you already have something planned for that day. Once you tap “yes” on the invitation, it is added to your calendar.

These Gmail updates are the most recent ones in a string of changes since the end of the last year. Other Gmail improvements include enhanced search feature of Inbox that allows us to find the information, such as events, addresses, phone numbers, and other details, a lot easier. 

Other interesting updates included the introduction of the Smart Reply function that can be used to automatically come up with suitable replies to your emails. Judging by the advances introduced by Google up to this point, we can probably expect new improvements that will appeal to the users of Gmail. 

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    5 years ago
    I think editing changes are the most important ones because we usually write texts several times a day. As for instant RSVPs it will be good for us to hold the schedule in our mind training our brain.
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