​Google App For iOS Reviewed: Just Google It!

​Google App For iOS Reviewed: Just Google It! on Freepps Top Blog
In fact this app is a small lightweight browser (not Chrome with all its might). And yes, you aren’t bound to Google services; you can surf all over the Internet within it. By the way, people report that Google App is much more stable than Chrome.

The main screen of the app seems as minimal as Google start page. You see a small icon of your profile in the left upper corner, history button in the right upper corner, search field in the middle of the screen and two more fields in the bottom. One of them displays your calendar agenda and another shows weather report for today. Tap on any of them to see your detailed agenda or weather forecast. If you scroll down a little you can read recommended news.

The view will seem familiar to you. And yes, it’s minimal and accurate like in early Chrome versions. You get easy access to web version of the most useful Google apps (except for those with separate apps). Voice input is working as well as you’d wish it worked. You just have to say “OK, Google” and the app starts.

After you have made a voice search Google App will speak the first sentence of the first result aloud. You can keep searching or just browse the web on.
Use Google voice services for translation

Not “Here”, but “Now”

One of the most noticeable things in Google App is Google Now integration. This virtual assistant answers your question before you ask it; at least Google claims so. It’s more than a voice search and help system. It’s your real organizer with rich functionality.
Set reminders for time or place

You can set reminders both by time and location. Time reminders are quite usual for us; they contain information of something to be done at certain time. Location reminders haven’t become our routine yet but they can help us organize our lives as well. Set the thing you need to do (to see your friend, to buy some food or to see some place) and define the place you need to be at to do that thing. You can enjoy auto completion and select the places from your history first when options drop out.

This feature needs location services to be always on. If you don’t turn them off that won’t bother you. But in case you prefer to keep location services off (to save your battery power or for some other reason), you’ll have to make a choice. Another necessary option is turning notifications from Google App on.
All Google Now options are here

And yes, Google Now voice recognition can do much more than just process your search requests. You can set your reminders with voice commands, ask questions with natural language grammar, like “Show me the nearest hotel” or “Remind me to call Charlie in 15 minutes”.

The assistant can recognize your commands in many languages. But if you know English well we recommend you do it in English as the risk of errors is minimal. You can also use it as a translation service based on Google Translate. All you have to do is say “Translate (something) into (language)”. Than the app shows you the result and even says it aloud. And yes, it has multilingual interface and selects the language automatically according to your system language.

This assistant is highly integrated with other Google services. For example, if you set a location reminder, it will find the place on Google Maps, not on popular Here or other map service. It will certainly use Google Calendar to store your plans and events, and so on. So your Google account will be of great use to you anyway. Weather forecast also looks like it’s opened in a common browser.
Google Weather

This app is especially useful if you use your iDevice together with Android smartphone or tablet with Google services integrated. A duo of PC version of Chrome and iPhone/iPad with the Google App works fine too. You always have your data synced (that’s what Google services are all about, first of all) and you don’t have to repeat your actions.

The Bottom Line

Well, some would say one should use Android if he wants to stick to Google services. But still, what does Apple suggest to replace the most powerful search system? Does it have comparable maps or mail? And even if there’s something as good as Google’s, is it all available for Windows users? That’s why there’s a good reason to stick to Google services even with your iPhone or iPad.

At the end you get a good, easy, and free organizer app made by Google with the most useful services integrated. Search, calendar, reminders, news, weather – this set is enough to build your plans and control your actions. If you’re used to Google services this app is a must-have one for you.

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    5 years ago
    It is the best app of google for ios! I use Google services for a long time and it`s a good news for users iphone and ipad.
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