Google Arts & Culture Now Available For Your Devices

Google Arts & Culture Now Available For Your Devices on Freepps Top Blog

If you consider yourself someone who is interested in learning more about culture, then the new service offered by Google is definitely something you should look into. Google Arts & Culture gives you an opportunity to expand your knowledge about the masterpieces created by humans all across the world and throughout history. The service comes in the form of a website and application, so you can use it wherever you are.

What is interesting about Google Arts & Culture?

New Arts & Culture App from Google

The service offers you a daily dose of information and the most interesting features every week, which means that you can quickly see what happened in the world of culture and arts. One of the greatest things about Google Arts & Culture is how easily you can find everything you need with the help of different filters. For instance, you can look up paintings of a certain artist according to the most prevalent color, which is an extremely useful tool when you want to get familiar with the pieces created by the artists you admire. Moreover, you can view the artworks chronologically thus understanding how the artist evolved over time. Also, you can find the information related to a specific category of interest, for example, chairs. The available virtual reality tours give you an opportunity to explore historical locations and museums without leaving your house.

Another feature of Google Arts & Culture that has to be mentioned is called Art Recognizer. All you have to do to get the details about a painting you see is hold the camera to it. It should be noted that the feature is still under development, but Google plans on making it work in all the museums around the world.

Are you excited about using Google Arts & Culture? If so, feel free to share you experience with this app in the comments below. 

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