Google Celebrates Olympics With Free Games

Google Celebrates Olympics With Free Games on Freepps Top Blog

Google is known for always keeping up with the most important events that happen around the world, and developers just could not ignore the 2016 Rio Olympics that currently take place in Rio de Janeiro. Even if you’re not going to attend this major sporting event, you can still have fun watching it on TV and playing the new free mini-games created by Google.

What can you expect from the games?

Olympic games in your phone

The mini-games are simple and extremely entertaining as you are offered to play different fruits, which decided to participate in the sports associated with the Olympic Games, such as swimming, track and field, cycling, and more. While playing the so-called Doodle Fruit Games, you have an opportunity to choose the fruit that you like and have fun. Whether you want to be a professional lemon swimmer, get the best results in the race as a strawberry, or showcase your skills as a coconut tennis player, you can do that in this awesome game.

According to Google, they plan to keep their users excited during the following seven days by offering a different game every day of the week whether you use an Android or iOS device. If you’re intrigued by this exciting game and want to become a fruit champion, don’t hesitate to participate as it will be offered by Google only until the 21st of August.

Do you plan on enjoying the mini-games from Google? We’ll be happy to read about your gaming experience in the comments below.

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