Google Chrome Bug Can Steal Your Data

Google Chrome Bug Can Steal Your Data on Freepps Top Blog

A new Chrome's vulnerability threatens corporate & government computers.

A dangerous bug has been spotted in Chrome's code. It allows hackers to access your machine remotely and steal, delete or damage the sensitive data. Chrome users who haven't updated their browser might deal with a serious breach in their security.

Nosy Little Bug

On August 27, 2019, Google has issued an urgent security warning. It turned out more than 2 billion Chrome users might be put to a serious threat. The browser's code contains a glitch that enables online criminals to install malware on your computer, leak data, hack into the digital accounts and do more harm.

It is indicated that companies, medical institutions, banks and government bodies are especially in danger. First, because corporate web-browsers aren't always put under extra protection. Second, the amount of highly valuable data makes them quite attractive prey to the e-criminals.  

However, home users must not feel at ease yet. It is estimated that only in 2016 cyber thieves stole 4 billion files. At least half of which belonged to regular people. Usually, hackers are interested in your bank account info, medical records, and social security number.

The bug is classified as CVE-2019-5869 and is related to a memory corruption issue. Originally it was detected by two Chinese cyber-security experts. Their successful bug-hunt was rewarded with a $ 5 500 bounty from Google.

So, What to Do?

Don't rush to your computer in panic. Google has already released an update to shield your browser. However, if the auto-update option is disabled in your Chrome, do this:

  • Go to Chrome's main menu.
  • Open Help tab.
  • Select About Chrome.
  • Make sure the current version is 76.0.3809.132.

If it isn't, simply click the Relaunch button and the browser will be updated. Another way to do the same procedure is to type chrome://chrome/ command in the URL bar. Remember to bookmark all the important open tabs that you might need later before updating.

Safety Dance

IT-giants have been suffering from small crises a lot lately. Apple's FaceTime had a glitch that allowed other people to literally spy on you. Facebook Kids proved to be easy to be infiltrated by strangers. And now its Google's turn to "shine". So, to avert possible dangers, always have your software updated and stay tuned for our news to be alerted.

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