Google Chrome Update Puts a Lid on Incognito Mode Detection

Google Chrome Update Puts a Lid on Incognito Mode Detection on Freepps Top Blog

If you’re worried about your privacy during Googling sessions, you probably enjoy using Chrome’s Incognito mode. According to the recent news, however, some web platforms are fully aware that you make the most of them as Incognito. Sounds a bit disappointing, doesn’t it? Fortunately, Google has now fixed this privacy ‘loophole’ putting a lid on Incognito mode detection.

Google & Publishers: Waving the Privacy Flag

According to the internet behemoth, closing the privacy ‘loophole’ reinvents the mission of Incognito mode reviving the spirit of safe, private Googling. While some users engage in private browsing for the purpose of avoiding website paywalls, the majority of Google enthusiasts have a lot more important reasons for surfing on the private side e.g., attempting to stave off an aggressive partner or government persecution.

This waving-the-privacy-flag effort could appeal to people bothered by the fact that private browsing systems are experiencing a significant loss of value. It will probably upset some publishers who have been detecting Incognito Mode action to keep tabs on their readers’ on-site behavior, main interests, as well as to stimulate people to subscribe to their services. New York Times, for instance, is among these publishers. In their majority, they will probably keep calm and carry on working after the privacy-regaining Google Chrome update.

Cutting to the Chase: Privacy Matters

What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you ever use Chrome’s Incognito Mode? Do you think it’s possible to stay completely anonymous on the Internet even if you’re Googling via Chrome’s Incognito Mode? We’re extremely curious to hear your opinion on this topic. Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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