Google Clock Gets Resizeable Widgets, Improved Looks

Google Clock Gets Resizeable Widgets, Improved Looks on Freepps Top Blog

When comparing Android and iOS one will inevitably have to count the pros and cons for each side, and Android throws a heavier punch when it comes to customization. 

Clock apps are no exception and they’re normally the first one to be seen on your lockscreens and homescreens. Google Clock is a popular choice as it looks nice, works accurately and comes preinstalled.

Of course, app development is all trial and error and none of the apps are immune to various mishaps, including Google’s creations. Lately, though, the app seen some redevelopment with major issues culled.

In Clock’s latest iteration, Google ultimately lets users have the ability to resize the widget according to their personal preferences. Now you can tailor it to match your setup looks, and it’s the looks that also matter as shadows were added to enhance the visuals.

App development is all trial and error

While not a major foghorn blow, the ability to resize native widgets is a milestone as previosly Android geeks had to install third-party apps that support resizable widgets.

Widgets aside, the visuals were also improved in-app and toggling, deleting and adding alarms look a lot slicker now. On top of that, a snackbar popup will let you know how many semi-snoozing minutes you have before the alarm beeps. Anyway, if you’re counting minutes watching the said bar, you might as well hit the shower and get workday-ready.

And of course, there’s a heap of bugs that have been fixed, including the Night Mode tweak.

And for the time being, it looks like iOS users would have to enjoy the bar that says 10:09 on top of their screens. Let’s watch out for their comeback in March

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