Google Discovers Best Restaurants For You

Google Discovers Best Restaurants For You on Freepps Top Blog

Google continues to step up its game when it comes to efficient and quick searching of information and adds a new option to its updated Search application for Android. Now you have an opportunity to see reviews and “best of” ratings of local places to eat that are displayed in your search results. The localized search results from Google are extremely convenient if you’re new to a certain area and want to get as much information as possible, including good restaurants.

How can you benefit from this Google feature?

List Of Local Restaurants

In addition to showing reviews of restaurants from both users and critics, the newest feature from Google will also display you the information if the restaurant you’ve been searching for is included in any lists. There can be many different types of lists, so you will be able to see if the place you were interested in appears on the list of places to visit or avoid. You also have an opportunity to search for more specific collections, such as “perfect places for celebrating a birthday.” Moreover, Google has also added the lists offered by CBS Local, Eater, and others.
Another cool feature offered by Google is seeing how much time people have spent at particular restaurants. In such a way, you will be able to find the places where people spend a long time enjoying their meals or if you’re in a hurry – restaurants that provide you with fast service.

What do you think about these new features? Are you excited to use them? Feel free to share your experience with the updated app in the comments below. 


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