Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Get Real-Time Commenting

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Get Real-Time Commenting on Freepps Top Blog

The users who work as a team know about Google’s services for collaborative work and do appreciate them, because these applications allow them to have an access to the project, even if you’re far away from the colleagues. Recently, all the people using Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets on their mobile devices got excited about the latest updates, which allows them to make their work even more productive. 

The “Instant mentions” feature saves your time by suggesting a contact the same moment you start to type his/her name or email in a commenting section. Pay your attention to the fact that you won’t need to put a “+” or “@” before the name. The same option is available in the PC version, using a newly-appeared commenting icon, which pops up in the right part of the screen when you highlight an abstract. 

Quick Comments for More Productive Collaboration

As for commenting in general, it has become quicker and more interactive via chatting in a real-time mode, meaning that you can suggest corrections and changes anytime and wherever you are. One more update gives us an opportunity to go from one comment to another in all the three applications with a simple swipe. 

Android users, you’ve got some special treats in the form of enlarging the format support for file import and export. They are as follows:

  • Docs: .txt, .rtf, and .html for import and .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, and .html for export;
  • Sheets: .xlsx, .pdf, .csv, .tsv, and .html for export;
  • Slides: .pptx, .txt, and .pdf for export (+ .csv and .tsv for editing).

Besides, there appeared a special formatting mode for the right-to-left directed languages such as Hebrew. In other words, those who need this will be able to use the “mirrored” Sheets on the device running Android OS for the more comfortable user experience. Moreover, the app will offer you to change the mode, if it detects the usage of such languages. Now this is smart!

The update will become available for both Android and iOS at the same time, and some users are already reporting the functions to be live. As for the new web features, they were released on February, 10th. It should be mentioned that among all the other things, this upgrade has almost removed the gap between the web and mobile versions of these Google’s apps.

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