Google Goes WebMD, Explains Your Anxiety

Google Goes WebMD, Explains Your Anxiety on Freepps Top Blog

If your nose is itchy for a second week straight and there's an abnormal tremor in your left hand, commander, most likely you'll turn to Google for help. Earlier, you would end up reading spleen-inducing lupus symptoms. Thank science, you don't have to anymore as Google has rolled out their take on explaining the symptoms.

Your doctor

Earlier, when you googled, say, "jock itch", you would get a typical, streamlined Wikipedia article. With the update, the search results will return a thorough description of all the symptoms, and related issues that might also affect or bother you, so you can identify your problem - or express your worries to your healthcare specialist - in a better way.

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The cards you see as a result of your search also contain additional info like risk factors, how common your issue is, along with treatment options you can try on you own - with care, though.

Google assures the information cards are created by aggregating "high-quality medical information" supplied by leading healthcare professionals, and it's later incorporated into the Knowledge Graph. The latter is then reviewed by experts from Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic.

The information cards are created by aggregating "high-quality medical information.

Google users in the USA will have the update on their devices in the next couple of days, albeit only in English so far. Google stresses that you should still consult your doctor for proper care, advice and attention. 

Just don't panic if it is lupus, the two of you. 

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