Google Goggles Review: Not For Swimming

Google Goggles Review: Not For Swimming on Freepps Top Blog

Google Goggles, an application for image recognition has gained broad popularity in amazingly short time. Its multipurpose functioning can be briefly described as the ability to search through the net resources using a picture snapped by the camera on your device. Below you will find the close review of its precise functions and features that still need improvement. 

What You Can Do With It

Google Goggles app is supposed to be very effective in situations when it is inconvenient to type or whisper your request, and even more useful in cases when you don’t know how to name the thing you need to detect. Here is a list of its functions. So, you can use this app in order to:  

  • Scan codes on various goods (e.g.: QR codes or barcodes). Thus, you can find out about the item you’re interested in and even locate the stores where you can buy or order it from online services. 
  • Scan a business card. Why would you need this? Simply to add the information on it (such as address, phone number, website, and other details you might want) to your phone contact list extremely fast. It works in the same way with CD and DVD disks, periodical issues, and paintings.   
  • Scan and detect landmarks and various labels. You can snap a photo of some architectural monument or just a cityscape and find out what it is. This can be really helpful upon return from a trip when you want to sort your pictures by places and mark their locations (let’s say for posting them to some social media). 

  • Scan text and translate it. There is recognition of the 8 most widely used languages built-in, including English, Italian, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, French, and Portuguese. It is extremely enjoyable while traveling, for instance, for reading signs, bus stops, menus etc. 
  • Complete Sudoku puzzles. Yes, it takes time to decipher your Sudoku on your own, and this app can do it amazingly quickly. Sometimes the game comes to a stalemate and you get confused as to your next move. Just watch how the numbers appear on your screen themselves! 

What It Lacks

  • Patchy translation. You cannot capture a lot of text with your camera lens, thus, you cannot use this app for translating huge amounts of text. Better use a scanner for that purpose. 
  • No facial recognition. You cannot detect people with its help. And maybe it’s not that bad!
  • No animal or plant recognition. I hope it will be able to recognize, say, a tree by its leaf in the near future. 
  • No food, clothing, furniture, and vehicle recognition. That option would be really cool. Let’s hope it will appear soon, and you will be able to find items you want in the internet and order them right on the go! 


The overall impression from Google Goggles is completely positive. Its main functions are seriously efficient and can be really handy, saving your time and efforts. We just need to wait for new improvements and updates enabling it to define more objects and come to the rescue in many other situations. Let’s hope it won’t take them too long to do it!  

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    6 years ago
    Oh, I think that Google Goggles become very popular in a short time. From my point of view, this application will change our world and significantly simplify it.
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