Google Keep Now Supports Handwriting and Drawing

Google Keep Now Supports Handwriting and Drawing on Freepps Top Blog

Google has been a bit out of the competition between two grand note-taking apps (or rather services) – Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. Though, in fact, Google Keep has all it takes to become a serious menace to those two. It could store your notes and sync them between devices, set reminders and notify you about events. Google Keep also had sharing features, supported tags, allowed to add pictures and distinguish notes by colors. After all, you didn’t have to use Microsoft or Evernote account on your Android device: general Google account worked just fine.
There has been a feature Google Keep lacked, and it is handwriting and drawing. You could type or speak your notes, but you couldn’t write them down on the screen, but now it’s finally here. The update Google rolled out on October 30th has this feature.

Unfortunately, you can’t start drawing or writing straight from the beginning. You have to select Drawing from the drop-down menu and save your result as a note. You can return to this note later and add some more drawing.
And no, again, Google doesn’t offer written text recognition yet. Hope it’ll appear shortly.
But it seems that new Google Keep is a symptom of a greater change. Maybe Google is getting ready for Force Touch technology attacking the market? Or is it just upgrading its own productivity suite with a note-taking tool like OneNote? One thing is for sure: now there’s one more decent note-taking app to select from.

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  • a
    3 years ago
    I wish on Christmas or a bit later, Google will make a perfect gift for me - transforming the Keep to ultra-mega-note-app, when you don't need to use another...Subject of article is one of two main steps - the second is Clipper for every platform, incuding Kindle.
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  • S
    4 years ago
    While using WP there wasn't notes creating app except OneNote. Android can offer great amount of such apps. Looking forward to try this one!
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