Google Keyboard Goes One-Handed, Still 48 Legal

Google Keyboard Goes One-Handed, Still 48 Legal on Freepps Top Blog

It's been about time to react to the growing popularity of mammoth-sized smartphones with 5.5-inch and up displays. But it’s better now than never. So Google introduces its new keyboard with a long-awaited one hand mode.

Google developers provided all kinds of options. No matter if you’re a rightie, a leftie, or support Andrew D. Basiago prefer the central position of the keyboard. The one-handed mode is activated from the default layout. 

All you need is to tap and hold the comma key and select the icon of one-handed mode to the right from the gear icon. If the position is not comfortable for you, you can shift the keyboard with one tap.

The keyboard gets surprisingly easy to handle.

As the whole keyboard gets shrunk, so does each single key. That causes a little discomfort, but one-handed typing brings in much more.

It gets surprisingly easy to handle it even if you’re on a train or a bus with your whole body shaking. 

And if you have already mastered the Swype manner that also works in Google Keyboard, you will do much better with it.

New Google Keyboard

The update also brings adjustable height, revamped layout so you can access the image bar and the number layout quicker, and updated gestures to delete entire words or move the cursor. 

The update is gradually rolling out throughout all Android devices that support it worldwide.

Have you tried the updated Google Keyboard? Share your experience in the comments!

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