Google Log-in Notifications Improves Your Privacy

Google Log-in Notifications Improves Your Privacy  on Freepps Top Blog

When it comes to online security while using computers and other devices, it is far from perfect, to say the least, which is something the majority of people realize when creating their accounts. A lot of companies these days work on introducing different features to help ensure better levels of protection, and Google is not an exception. The company has come up with a new notification system that is aimed at informing you if another user decides to log into your Google Account from a web browser or a new device.

How can this feature help protect your account?

Google notification to inform about suspicious logins

Previously, Google used a different method to notify users about suspicious activities on their accounts by sending emails, but this solution had its disadvantages. Firstly, hackers who already had access to a Google account could easily open an email and delete the alert notification sent by Google. Secondly, the majority of people didn’t see their email notifications straight away, thus wasting their time. According to the research, people are four times less likely to notice their emails in comparison to notifications.  

With the new update, the notification system will ping you when someone attempts to log into your account, which is much better than the previous option. In addition, Google reminds its users of the opportunity to view their Recent Account Activity if they suspect any unauthorized activity involving their logins. The new feature gradually starts to appear on the Android devices, so it won’t be more than two weeks that everyone will be able to use it.

Do you consider this feature necessary to protecting your Google Account? Do you think there are better ways to ensure the security of your online presence? Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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