Google Maps Adds Stops To Your Routes

Google Maps Adds Stops To Your Routes on Freepps Top Blog

Finally, it seems like you're done with the hassle of plotting routes in Google Maps for every single trip

One of the major complaints about Google Maps - all its navigational and informational glory notwithstanding - was the lack of routing along certain points, with stops included. Improvising along the way often led to users getting lost and battery power consumed overzealously.

A server-side adjustment now allows you to add waypoints and stops along the way to make daily errands and casual road tripping easier and more relaxed.

 Google Maps App

Once again, it's worth reminding that this is not an update and downloading the app anew or updating it wouldn't change the app's functionality.

Google Maps is a handy source of relevant travel and local information, and point-by-point navigation is a long awaited feature. While it's not a breakthrough, Google has really upped the ante in this navigational game.

Have you tested the new addition already? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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