Google Maps For iOS Review: The World In Your Pocket

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The Google Maps seems the most popular map service in the world. The official Google Maps app for iOS brings the whole might of Google Maps into your iPhone or iPad. Just install it, and we’re almost sure you’ll forget about those paid navigation programs. You may need some special features Google hasn’t added yet, though.

The map can be displayed with different layers. Turn on corresponding layers like Public Transit, traffic points or satellite view to see more information. The app is integrated with Google Earth services, and if the app is not installed on your iDevice it will suggest you install it from iTunes.
Satellite view

Wherever you are you can get info on that place with Google Maps real quick. And yes, it uses your location services; did you expect it the other way? Good news: The internet is not necessary. You can work in offline mode with preloaded maps.

All of your place are belong to us

As Google claims, today you can use Google Maps in 220 countries and territories. It has detailed maps of most world’s large cities and towns and other territories. You can see streets and roads, buildings and natural objects,  neighborhoods and transport routes.

The built-in search system is what Google is famous for. You can enter the name of any object (city, street, bus stop or subway station and so on) and find it in seconds. If your request can’t be interpreted exactly, the search will show you the list of results. You should select the correct one from it. Of course, it depends on where you are now. The closest objects are usually displayed as the most relevant.

You can also enter the name of a business, state or local object like a hotel, restaurant, police station, drugstore and so on. The results will be displayed on the map. You just need to tap the point on the map to read the full info on this business or another object.

When you tap on any object marked as a business or other organization you get standard info about it popping out in the bottom. You can see the name, the exact address, working hours, official website, photos, and some other data. You may even call it directly from your device. If it doesn’t have a cellular module you may use Skype or other VoIP clients for calling.
Business displayed on Google Maps

The app is available in all European and most significant Oriental languages. You can type your search request in English or in your local language or in the language of the country or the city your object is in. English results due to clear reasons seem the most versatile. You can use voice input as well by tapping the mic button in the search field.

Drive me right

There’s more to Google Maps than just maps. Step by step it has become a fully functional navigation app. It can lead you the way to any point by building the optimal route.

There are three options of building your route. Select the way you intend to get to your destination: by car, by public transport of by walking. The shortest way depends on the option you select. Google will calculate all possible routes for you and propose you to select the most suitable one.

If you’re going to drive you’ll appreciate spoken turn-by-turn instructions that will help you to navigate. Google also takes into consideration current traffic. The service will build your route trying to avoid traffic jams reported by users.
Google Maps instructs you

Selecting public transport will bring you out to several optional routes Google can calculate. You can see the approximate time it will take, the services you’ll need, the number of transfers and the fare for each. It’s up to you to select the fastest one, the cheapest or the option with as little transfers as possible.

Sometimes Google propositions seem strange. It may ignore the closest bus stop to your starting point and suggest you take your bus at the next stop. So the estimated time will be much longer than the actual time. But this happens rarely, most of the time google route calculator does its job well.

United Seamlessly

Google services are not half what they could be without access to clouds. By authorizing with your integrated Google account, you get much more possibilities. You get instant access to your search history, the points you've set as important and other  integrated services like Google Earth.

If you have done some search from other device authorized with your account you’ll access the result from your iPhone or iPad in case you need it again.
Theres so much more to learn

Join Without Paying

You can download Google Maps for free. But if you feel you owe something to developers you can contribute to Google Maps by sending some data from your places. Report traffic jams or accidents. Upload photos with location info. Add businesses not mentioned on the map, especially if you own them. Write reviews of the places you visit, so they can be seen as recommendations in Google Now. Any of your contributions will be precious for other Google Maps users.

The Bottom Line

With Google Maps, you get one of the best navigation apps. With offline mode, rich business info, advanced search system and great navigating features you can't miss it.

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    Jackson Michael
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    Wow, All of these thing are looking very cool and best to see in the world. I am very happy to explore all of these places. Thee google mape are bet to see the beauty of nature. At this time I am going to Philadelphia to New York tours. I am very happy to know these places. Great work and keep it up.
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