Google Now Gets More Human With New Voice

Google Now Gets More Human With New Voice on Freepps Top Blog

Google Now is great when it comes to speed and precision of its responses.

However, the system used to be somewhat held back by too robotic of a response it provided. The answers were (mostly) correct, but they obviously lacked some human touch. 

Now, things look like the issue has been fixed and the answers have been turned into human sentences instead of robotic muttering.

The voice Google Now provides now boasts intonations and natural tones both for queries and responses, and the flexibility of its understanding has been greatly expanded. Sure, you will be able to tell the machine from a human sound easily, but the increased range is pleasant nevertheless.

The information Google Now provides upon your OK Google request still includes:

  • Time and date;
  • Weather;
  • Routes and navigation;
  • Recipes;
  • Complex math problems and beyond.

The update is available both for iOS and Android and it seems like it works equally well on both platforms.

Have you already tried Googling to listen to the updated voice? Share your experience in the comments!

Antonio Neri


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