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Google Now Tricks You Need To Know on Freepps Top Blog

Google Now is like your own personal assistant, except that it can’t actually talk to you about some philosophical things, but still it can arrange your tasks, find any information and answer any question. Today we would like to unveil some tricks that would improve the way you use Google Now on your Android device.

Multiple languages recognition

It’s totally normal nowadays when a person speaks a bit more than one language. In such case multilingual search would be extremely useful just because of the information that can be more precisely written not in your native language. 
To make Google Now recognize your speech in any of the languages you know you should go to Settings-Voice-Language. When you will finally get to the list of languages you will need only to tick those that you speak and Google Now will understand, no matter whether you speak French or Spanish.

Play music in one word

We’ve all used to search songs using Google Now and then to play them on YouTube there was a need to tap several times on the screen. Instead of several movements you can just add the word “Play” in front of the song name and who performs it. 
You can also precise to Google now to use YouTube to play this song. If you did it once there is no need to remind about YouTube each time, you can just ask for playing exactly this song and Google Now will use YouTube by default.

Google Now adds new features

No more scrolling to find an app

If you just like to have on your device a bunch of different apps it may take some time to find the one that you need. Google Now can just do it for you. All you need is to long press on the drawer icon while staying on your home screen and Google Now will open the internal search.

Make it to read your messages

Google Now can not only show you some information it can also read it aloud for you. You need to say it “Show me my text messages” and Google Now will read all your unread SMS for you. You can also skip some messages while reading and search for some particular ones among them.

Reminders, please!

With Google Now you can easily set a reminder for anything you’re going to do. You can say to Google Now what, when and where you need to do something, and if you put in front this phrase “Remind me” your electronic assistant will create a reminder in your calendar and you will say it clearly you will need only to confirm the creation of your reminder.

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  • t
    5 years ago
    Generally, it's nice that Google tries to catch up with Siri (we all know that it's the main competitor). But despite advertising and good reviews, I'd rather use Siri because it's much more "human". All those jokes, funny advice, and so on. Google Now seems to be an indifferent robot without any emotions.
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