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Now that the storage capabilities of our devices are almost unlimited and the quality of (most) pictures taken by smartphone cameras available on the market is impressive, it's hard to resist the urge to click endlessly. 

And when you come back from the trip, you don't have to manually dig through hundreds of pictures while trying to sort them out - and we know that it's surely a task you loathe.

Thankfully, Google Photos' new feature aptly called Smart Albums to help you bounce this chore off.

Smarter, Again

The algorithm used for this is rather simple. It's 2016, and Google is smart enough to guess that the swarm of photos you took while hiking the Pikes Peak also were a part of the trip. 

Therefore, the pictures and videos you took will be grouped according to their geolocation and time of creation, and Google Photos will create a separate folder to store these reels and images.

Yet, the albums will be comprised of select photos only, saving you from the first-world embarrassment of showing similar pics twice as if your trip only half fun.

But if you were cruising around - hopefully not for seven hours through California with sunglasses on - the app will also get it. What you'll get is a complimentary map with a route drawn on it, marking locations of images that you took along the way. 

Other things you can do include:

  • adding captions to images
  • allowing album collaboration
  • sorting them in a certain order, should you prefer it.

While there's a slight scent of creepiness lingering around this feature as it looks Google now knows everything about you, it's certainly user-friendly. 

The new update is now live for Android and iOS and you can get the app using the link below.

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  • b
    5 years ago
    That is impressive and saves a lot of time! Very useful app! The only question is will it sort the photos when you copy them to your computer?
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