Google Photos Update Makes Navigation Easier

Google Photos Update Makes Navigation Easier on Freepps Top Blog

If you want to prevent losing all your favorite photos and videos in case your phone or another device suddenly stops working and cannot be repaired, cloud storage should become your best friend.

Google Photos is an excellent storage solution to protect your files and also keep your private photos to yourself. What is more, a new Google Photos update makes navigation even easier and more straightforward.

What has changed in the interface?

While the previous version of Google Photos worked quite well, a number of functions were quite difficult to access. With this update, the developers of the cloud storage decided to bring forward the hidden options where you can find them easier.

At the bottom of the Google Photos interface, you can see an additional bar that includes Photos, Albums, and Assistant view. 

Taking into consideration the reviews of users, the team of Google Photos decided to rename “Collections” into “Albums”, which seems more appropriate. The carousel-style view of the Albums allows you to look through the shared places, photos, movies, people, etc.

The update certainly facilitates the process of finding things you’re interested in, so if you want to see what it looks like, you should definitely update your version.

Let us know what you think about the update in the comments. Do you use Google Photos on a regular basis?

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  • M
    5 years ago
    Days went past without any news. At last, it came! Wow! The excellent Google Photos app is that thing I’m waiting for! Now I can find anything I need.
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  • N
    5 years ago
    It is a very handy app. With the new update search has become really easier. It's Google, baby.
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