Google Play Bans Perfect Player after an Illogical Copyright Complaint

Google Play Bans Perfect Player after an Illogical Copyright Complaint on Freepps Top Blog

Perfect Player is no more available on Google Play Market. The reason is quite strange: there was a complaint about copyright violation this IPTV app is systematically used for. The complaint was issued by a major paid TV provider, proving that the player can stream pirate content, and thus it shouldn’t be distributed.

A Kitchen Knife Case

Initially, the app, nevertheless, contains no pirate content or links to whatever might be a copyright violation. Any violating action is the final user’s responsibility. It’s logical that many users acted this way; at the same time, law-abiding users could watch legal content with Perfect Player as well.

The case is the same with Windows Media Player (a part of Windows 10). The user just needs to enter the link provided by an IPTV provider to watch the stream. It’s not the player that makes the content legal or illegal: it’s the provider that delivers the content and the users that decide to watch it.

In fact, for an outside observer, the situation looks quite bizarre, as if kitchen knives were prohibited as potential murder weapons. Indeed, there are many victims of kitchen knives, especially in countries with illegal private firearms, and nobody ever initiates their ban. But Google has its reasons to act like this.

Pirating Streams

Though content providers mostly hoped that the cloud world would be a nicer place for copyright holders, in fact, it isn’t so. Lots of unauthorized content get streamed each second, with new resources appearing (and disappearing) daily. Monetized mostly with advertising (often of other illegal services), they provide movies and TV shows for free. Of course, the owners can afford that because the content is simply pirated.

Probably some pirated content had been the property of the provider whose name remains unpublished, while the complaint is ongoing. We don’t know what illegal services provided the stolen videos. We know that Perfect Player isn’t initially meant to violate copyrights. Still, Google decided to ban it.

As we know, the provider showed some screenshots proving that Perfect Player can play illegal materials. It seems quite illogical, as the content selection is purely the user’s prerogative and the user’s responsibility. But, instead of investigating the murderer’s person, they preferred to ban selling kitchen knives. At least, so it looks, with one difference: there is effectively no ban.

What Now?

The users who have already downloaded Perfect Player still have it on their phones and tablets. As for Perfect Player itself, it still can be downloaded from popular software sites as an .APK file and installed manually. It isn’t locked to play from certain resources only, so its further use is not restricted at all.

So is the case with another app removed for similar reasons, IPTV Smarters. It is also removed from Google Play, as a potential pirate tool. The reasons are similar too.

The developer of Perfect Player is now working on a counter-notice together with a lawyer. The company will be required to double down or back off, in case Google doesn’t unban Perfect Player. The reasons above seem convincing enough – at least, for us as users.

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