Google Play Books To Improve Night Reading Experience, Reduce Eye Stress

Google Play Books To Improve Night Reading Experience, Reduce Eye Stress on Freepps Top Blog
We won’t surprise you with the fact that our smartphones and tablets radiate a blue light that is in charge of our staying awake at the time we are already supposed to fall asleep. In fact, their displays are getting bigger and brighter in new gadget generations. 

That means that the impact of the blue light also becomes stronger, thus increasing the harm inflicted on our eyes. What is more, the manufacturers definitely know about such an effect and do nothing with it.

However, everything is not so bad, as there are a couple of applications which help to reduce the harmful effect. Google has also made its contribution by adding a special filter to its Play Books app, taking into account the fact that as a rule the vast majority of users prefers reading after 8 p.m.
Night Light in Action
A new feature is called “Night Light”. It works in the following way: the screen light is automatically getting more and more “warmer” with the evening hours going on. This will help make night reading less stressful. As a result, a book background becomes almost amber, which is the most pleasant color for the night readers’ eyes in low light conditions. This also means that you won’t have to adjust the screen brightness manually.
Settings Menu for Play Books Night Light
Actually, you may already feel the benefits of the update, no matter what operating system - Android or iOS - are your devices on. The only thing required from you is to get the most recent app update and activate Night Light option via swiping in the Settings menu. 

Of course, it would be even greater if such feature was a built-in one into devices right “out of the box”, but let’s enjoy, at least, what we have at the moment. 


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  • O
    2 years ago
    "Night light" is definitely useless feature. CoolReader's smooth manual brightness adjustment is all I need.
  • G
    2 years ago
    Oh, it's a very helpfull application. I'm really fond of reading, but it's harmfull for my eyes to do it on my Android device, and i even feel it. Due to it app, it wouldn't be so, thank you!
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