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Podcasts are a safe and obvious pick for you if you want to learn something new or interesting. Podcasting is a great way of delivering news, research, fun stories and personal experiences to a wide range of audiences.

Even though the podcast rollout rumor trails back to October 2015, the release process took quite a while. 

However, not every Google Play Music subscriber can start enjoying podcasts right away - the update seems to slumber server side, thus confusing the users who have already updated the app.

Google Play Music Podcasts

Speaking of those left out, it's worth mentioning that those outside the US and Canada are out of luck even if they're full-paying subscribers. The news on podcast's availability outside of the lands of bald eagles and maple leafs are yet to be released.

Thus, for most users, the podcast functionality would be only available in Google Play Music Web version, and podcast are not live on iOS either, being limited to Android alone.

What This Means

The list of things you can do is pretty standard and would surely be familiar to prolific podcast listeners and it includes:

  • Subscribing to podcasts
  • Downloading individual episodes
  • Getting new episode notifications
  • Keeping it in sync with your music library.

Let's hope that Google gets soaked by the wave of sharp remarks it caused by limiting the release with two countries and rolls out the update for the rest of the world soon enough.

Have you already tried Google's Podcasts? Share your thought in the comments below!

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  • A
    5 years ago
    Since I love listening to music (deep house) I am glad that the podcast is running. This high-grade system of recommendations is able to offer to listening to those podcasts on the topics most closely matches the user's interests.
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  • S
    5 years ago
    I like podcasts, I like that I can listen to something interesting and do something else at the same time. I like to listen to something while I am cooking.
  • R
    5 years ago
    I was surprised how much the app is simple to use. It would seem that people have lost interest in such things, but I've tested this one with pleasure.
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