Google Play Promo Codes: Available Soon

Google Play Promo Codes: Available Soon on Freepps Top Blog

It seems like it’s the high time to stop looking for free app alerts because such deals will look for you on their own. No, we’re not talking about a future release of a creepy horror story but rather about Google’s innovation, namely promo codes for Android users.

The corporation hasn’t made a lot of noise around this event - just posted this information in the Developer Console section with the detailed manual, but it does mean a lot. 

According to the source, such promo codes will be used for apps and games purchasing and paying for some additional perks, while they don't apply to subscriptions. What's more, developers will be able to create only 2,000 codes per year and 500 per quarter with setting of their expiration date - up to 365 days.

The unused items can’t be “transferred” to the next period. Besides, it’s up to the developer how to distribute the said 5 hundred offers - to use all of them for promoting the only one app or in-app product, or split them among 5 in-app items.

Developer Console Instruction for Promotion Creating

Finding the codes

How to get a chance to become one of those 2 thousand users? It’s obvious that the free copies of the paid apps will be sent to:

  • the most loyal fans;
  • prolific app reviewers;
  • contest winners;
  • friends of the above.  

What are the benefits of those codes? They’re a powerful marketing tool, allowing to enlarge the client database by encouraging potential users. On the other side, users get normally-paid offers for lower prices or at no cost. In short, everyone gets something. 

As for the rival operating system, the iOS, this opportunity seems to exist forever for presenting codes to app reviewers. And we’re sure that the Android developers will start generating promos to their apps soon. Furthermore, we hope that such a promotion will become the common practice and will affect the most “delicious” applications and games. 

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  • A
    5 years ago
    It's a good idea, sometimes this codes are usefull enough. But I don't understand why Google (or Alphabet) is so late... Apple uses codes since 2014 or even earlier.
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  • C
    5 years ago
    I'm so excited! Can't wait to use it! Will recommend to my friends, we all do have iPhones and this were made like just for us!
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