Google Play Services: What’s New in 8.3

Google Play Services: What’s New in 8.3 on Freepps Top Blog

This November Google presents an update to Google Play Services, a integral part of Android that keeps your Google services and apps active and up-to-date. It’s responsible for data syncing on your device, software compatibility and updates and so on.

This time, first of all, the update brought some new APIs that developers can implement in their projects. Maybe the most important thing is that authentication with Google account for third-party services became much easier. It doesn’t even require permissions from device accounts!

Another feature of new Google Play services is improved battery management. The revamped services require less energy, so smartphones or tablets can last longer… or get thinner, as the vendor decides.

Another feature will be highly appreciated by game developers. When a player seems about to quit, the game sends a signal via GP Services. So the game server can reply with some offer that motivates you to keep playing.

The simplest form is sending a good offer to players that haven’t played a certain game for several days or weeks.
The update has some more features that help developers get ready for Marshmallow and to integrate wearable devices into the system. For example, it gets much easier to work with location information.

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    i like it because they gice me space to control my stuff
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