Google Play Top Charts in April 2020: Best Games

Google Play Top Charts in April 2020: Best Games on Freepps Top Blog

Hey guys. How’s your quarantine going? One would think that given a close-to-endless supply of awesome mobile game suggestions available here at, you’d soon grow ‘bored in the house’ and tired of all the bubble shooters and puzzlers, but it’s not that simple. Somehow, you always find your way out of boredom by discovering more and more new games. And this is especially relevant when it comes to this month’s Best Google Play Games chart. Now, let’s take a closer look at April’s Best Android Games chart and draw some logical conclusions.

Rank IconGamePosition Change
1Brawl Stars best game - Charts Google StoreBrawl Stars


2Garena Free Fire best game - Charts Google StoreGarena Free Fire

Garena International I Private Limited

3PUBG MOBILE best game - Charts Google StorePUBG MOBILE

Tencent Games

4Minecraft best game - Charts Google StoreMinecraft


5Roblox best game - Charts Google StoreRoblox

Roblox Corporation

6Hitman GO best game - Charts Google StoreHitman GO


7Lokapala Beta best game - Charts Google StoreLokapala Beta


8Gameloft Classics: 20 Years best game - Charts Google StoreGameloft Classics: 20 Years

Gameloft SE

9Alien: Blackout best game - Charts Google StoreAlien: Blackout

D3 Go!

10Call of Duty®: Mobile best game - Charts Google StoreCall of Duty®: Mobile

Activision Publishing, Inc.

11Standoff 2 best game - Charts Google StoreStandoff 2


12Ludo King™ best game - Charts Google StoreLudo King™

Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd

13Fortnite best game - Charts Google StoreFortnite

Epic Games, Inc

14Sky: Children of the Light best game - Charts Google StoreSky: Children of the Light

thatgamecompany inc

15Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp best game - Charts Google StoreAnimal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

16Subway Surfers best game - Charts Google StoreSubway Surfers


17Monument Valley 2 best game - Charts Google StoreMonument Valley 2

ustwo games

18Cat Quest best game - Charts Google StoreCat Quest


19Marmok's Team Monster Crush best game - Charts Google StoreMarmok's Team Monster Crush


20Homo Machina best game - Charts Google StoreHomo Machina

ARTE Experience


Even after a quick overview of this month’s Best Google Play Games chart, you can definitely say that April brings rebirth, regrowth, and renewal. The thing is, this month’s chart is literally nothing but new games — with the exception of a few position shifts, several easily recognizable comebacks, and up to five stable oldies. That’s it. The rest is all new. And we’re being totally serious, no April Fools’ Day jokes implied. Just take a glimpse at the table above and see for yourself. It’s all about April renewal here.

We’ll begin with a few familiar titles. Brawl Stars is at the very top of this month’s chart. This change is quite refreshing, but not surprising — the game already dominated our chart in February. In April, Brawl Stars, this excellent mobile battle royale, took back its first place from Garena Free Fire — another fine example of the genre that had been occupying the first position in our Best Android Games chart for too long. By the way, have you noticed that Fortnite is back in our chart? Oh well, the game never stays quiet for long. You must’ve really enjoyed its new experimental mode called party royale, haven’t ya?

As for the stably popular oldies of this month’s Best Google Play Games chart, they’re PUBG MOBILE, Minecraft, and Roblox. They occupy the third, fourth, and fifth position respectively. And nothing about that has changed since March. Standoff 2 and Subway Surfers are mobile games from the previous month’s chart as well. The former has gained 6 positions, while the latter has dropped eight positions down since your last month’s choice. And this small portion of games is the only thing that’s left from March in our April’s chart.

With regard to the newcomers, they are in plenty this month. And they come in a wide array of genres: puzzlers, action games, arcades, as well as adventure, board games, and RPGs. Hitman GO, Alien: Blackout, Ludo King™, Cat Quest, Marmok's Team Monster Crush… Just take a look at those amazing titles. Fascinating, visually stunning, thrilling, and thought-provoking — all of these mobile games scream ‘must play today’. Yep, they’re that good!

Looks like the quarantine has something to do with this striking level of novelty and diversity. Now that you’re socially isolated, you finally have all the time in the world to browse through the most amazing titles the mobile gaming realm has in store for you. April is blooming with some really breath-of-fresh-air dynamics. Aren’t you curious about what May is going to bring? We most certainly are. Bookmark our blog and don’t forget to come back for more mobile gaming news — and our next month’s chart trends, of course.

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