Google Play Top Charts in January 2019: Best Games

Google Play Top Charts in January 2019: Best Games on Freepps Top Blog

If January is like a long Monday, then this month’s Best Google Play Games chart should come with occasional obstacles, some ice-stable successes, a few losses, several ‘post-Sunday’ comebacks, a lot of fresh possibilities, and routine (yet potentially trend-setting) changes. Let’s take a look at the chart below and make the most of our analytical skills. Who knows, maybe some of the January-born trends will give a stellar start to the new era of mobile gaming.

Rank IconGamePosition Change
1Garena Free Fire best game - Charts Google StoreGarena Free Fire

Garena International I Private Limited

2Subway Surfers best game - Charts Google StoreSubway Surfers


3Hill Climb Racing 2 best game - Charts Google StoreHill Climb Racing 2


4Birdpapa™ - Bubble Crush best game - Charts Google StoreBirdpapa™ - Bubble Crush

Fun Free Fun

5Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle best game - Charts Google StoreUnblock Ball - Block Puzzle

Fun Free Fun

6Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Happy Dragon Inc.

7Block Puzzle Jewel best game - Charts Google StoreBlock Puzzle Jewel

hua wei wei

8PUBG MOBILE best game - Charts Google StorePUBG MOBILE

Tencent Games

9Sonic Dash best game - Charts Google StoreSonic Dash


10Bubble Shooter - Candy Bubble Studio game logoBubble Shooter

Candy Bubble Studio

11Brawl Stars best game - Charts Google StoreBrawl Stars


12Mr Gun game logoMr Gun


13Dunk Shot best game - Charts Google StoreDunk Shot


14Shooting Ball game logoShooting Ball


15Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter


16Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash game logoShoot Bubble - Fruit Splash


17Dream League Soccer 2020 - Charts Google StoreDream League Soccer 2020

First Touch Games Ltd.

18Dragondodo - Jewel Blast game logoDragondodo - Jewel Blast


19Fruit Puzzle - Link Line best game - Charts Google StoreFruit Puzzle - Link Line

Ms. Q

20Sweet Fruit Candy - Charts Google StoreSweet Fruit Candy

Juice Candy


Let’s start with January’s successes i.e. the first two positions of the chart. They still triumphantly belong to Garena Free Fire and Subway Surfers — such a nice last year’s afterglow. As a matter of fact, the Garena Free Fire game has been occupying (read as: literally owning) the first position of our chart since March 2019. That’s what we call success that stays…

With regard to bubble shooters — other unchanged winners of our previous months’ charts — most of them haven’t significantly changed their positions. No wonder. These are stressful times, so we sure need some fast, cheap thrills to help us release tension and kill time. Bubble shooters represent the perfect mobile gaming genre for these purposes.

With regard to puzzle games, they have lost some of their previous splendor compared to the ever-popular bubble shooters. Two of them (Sweet Fruit Candy and Jewel King) have even dropped out of our Top Google Play Titles of January chart. That’s where the aforementioned losses and routine changes come into play. That’s not very surprising. Gotta cut down on killing time and slay on your first month-long Monday of the year if you want to get things done.

As for PUBG MOBILE, another mobile battle royale game that has been among your favorites for a few months already, it has jumped two positions up compared to the previous month. We sure all love a good blood-pumping game, so this comeback is pretty understandable. Looks like the Fortnite phenomenon isn’t going anywhere — not today, at least.

Mr Gun, this awesome shooting experience, has gained nine positions, marking the most skyrocketing growth of this month’s Best Google Play Games chart. Remember how we wondered last month if the game was good enough for the players to continue enjoying it in January? Mr Gun’s current twelfth position in our chart speaks volumes in terms of the answer to this question.

With regard to the hardest fall in positions, it belongs to Fruit Puzzle - Link Line and Dragondodo - Jewel Blast. They have lost eight and nine positions, respectively. Taking into account puzzlers’ overall blooming popularity in our previous charts, this could possibly be a very temporary downfall. Only time will tell where exactly this particular trend is taking us.

As for the newbies of January’s Best Google Play Games chart, Sonic Dash by SEGA is the sole newcomer. Quantity overcomes quality here, however. Especially if we look at this newbie’s victorious out-of-the-blue ninth position in our chart. Keep it up, you cute blue hedgehog!

Aren’t you all curious if Sonic Dash is strong enough to stay in our next month’s chart? We sure are! Let’s wait and see how things will turn out for your nostalgy-packed gaming preferences in February! Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below. Your two cents are important.

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