Google Play Top Charts in July 2019: Best Games

Google Play Top Charts in July 2019: Best Games on Freepps Top Blog

Nothing seems to happen on the surface of our Google Play summer charts, but scratch them a little, and you will face a complex dynamics of ups and downs alongside some… bubble shooting. One more time, we’ve gathered all the Google Play data, including the number of clicks, likes, ratings, and downloads to bring you another Google Play Top Games chart. Learn it, play it, change it — do whatever you like!

Rank IconGamePosition Change
1Garena Free Fire best game - Charts Google StoreGarena Free Fire

Garena International I Private Limited

2Subway Surfers best game - Charts Google StoreSubway Surfers


3Unblock Ball - Block Puzzle best game - Charts Google StoreUnblock Ball - Block Puzzle

Fun Free Fun

4Dunk Shot best game - Charts Google StoreDunk Shot


5Birdpapa™ - Bubble Crush best game - Charts Google StoreBirdpapa™ - Bubble Crush

Fun Free Fun

6PUBG MOBILE best game - Charts Google StorePUBG MOBILE

Tencent Games

7Tasty Tale game's logoTasty Tale: puzzle cooking game

Sweet Nitro Publishing

8Hill Climb Racing 2 best game - Charts Google StoreHill Climb Racing 2


9Block Puzzle Jewel best game - Charts Google StoreBlock Puzzle Jewel

hua wei wei

10Mr. GunMr. Gun


11Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Happy Dragon Inc.

12Farm Heroes Saga best game - Charts Google StoreFarm Heroes Saga


13Bubble Shooter best game - Charts Google StoreBubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

14Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush Saga


15Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash game logoShoot Bubble - Fruit Splash


16Knife Kit game logoKnife Hit


17Fruit Puzzle - Link Line best game - Charts Google StoreFruit Puzzle - Link Line

Ms. Q

18Vegas Crime Simulator 2 best game - Charts Google StoreVegas Crime Simulator 2

Naxeex LLC

19Ludo King™ best game - Charts Google StoreLudo King™

Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd

20Bubble Shooter - Candy Bubble Studio game logoBubble Shooter

Candy Bubble Studio


July may be the hottest summer month, but the top three of your favorite games seems frozen in time. Garena Free Fire, everybody’s absolute favorite battle royale title, has been facing some downloading troubles on Google Play this summer. Still, it seems unlikely that even 404 error can stop it from landing on position number 1 again and again. Subway Surfers, which seems like a perfect game in all the ways but one (it’s not battle royal), stands on Garena’s toes. And even Unblock Ball, our June upstart, is staying in its well-deserved third place. However, things start getting interesting as we move on.

An unexpected title landed on position 4: Dunk Shot, Ketchapp’s pet project has jumped 4 places up. Is its rise connected with the recent Ubisoft Entertainment deal? Previously it was represented on the casual games market by Ketchapp only, but it seems like buying a 70% stake in Green Panda Games makes it one of its biggest players. One is left to wonder while other Ketchapp games are making huge chart leaps as well. Mr. Gun has made a small record by jumping 9 positions up (it is now on place 10), and Knife Hit demonstrates a decent comeback on position 15.

The first top ten seems to be transformed with games from the middle of our June top. Apart from Mr. Gun, it includes Bird Papa and Hill Climbing Racing: both games seem to come back to the players’ minds, while PUBG Mobile keeps losing its popularity. Is it because of violence? Scientists keep saying that there’s no link between our favorite video games and mass murders, but many people seem to be taking precautions and delete titles like PUBG from their phones. The same thing happens to Vegas Crime Simulator 2, which by definition is too far from being non-violent. In July, it lost 4 positions and kept moving down in the charts.

No one knows exactly what’s wrong with puzzle games, but Tasty Tale and Block Puzzle Jewel are going down too. They hold places 7 and 9, respectfully. But the biggest logical game disappointment is waiting on you at the end of our charts: Ludo King, a solid strategy game, lost 11 (!) positions, and seeing it on place 19 seems like goodbye.

July second ten opens with the question which Bubble Shooter is better. Bubble Shooter from Happy Dragon Inc. has gained 4 points while Bubble Shooter’s original title has lost one. There are two more new bubble shooters: 4 GAME STUDIO’s Fruit Splash on position 15, and Candy Bubble Studio’s bubble shooter on 20. Perhaps, if there were just one game where you could shoot bubbles (or fruits) all day long, it would become an absolute charts winner for the whole year.

Farm Heroes Saga is losing its popularity, but there’s another King title that entered our charts in June and is moving up with confidence: Candy Crush Saga. Those two seem like a golden standard of casual games, so no matter if they go up or down, we believe they’re going to stay here for a long time. Or at least until a fresh batch of bubble shooters arrives.

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