Google Ramping Up Defences Through Warnings

Google Ramping Up Defences Through Warnings on Freepps Top Blog

The conversation about private data has been robust in recent years. First were the revelations of Edward Snowden, who proved that the US government was collecting users’ private data while the past month has also brought news of Apple refusing to grant the FBI access to the phone of a terror suspect. 

Security is a hot topic, and Gmail has taken new steps to prove that it is a top priority for the company by adding new warnings.

At a first glance, the update may seem like a common-sense move. 

Users will now get security warnings when they click on links that the app deems unsafe. When this happens, the user will be presented with a page that includes information about the type of danger the site poses as well as recommendations on how to proceed. However, the new security measures do not stop there.

Google Has Your Back

Another new security measure included in the update is a safeguard against hacking attempts by the government or its many agencies. This feature is meant to make sure users’ information and data is kept private and cannot be retrieved at the whim of a government tech guy with a keyboard. 

For most of us, the danger of the government stealing our data is nonexistent because we do not believe that there is anything of interest or importance in our correspondence and activity.

Yet, Gmail’s new security measure is essential to more vulnerable members of the populace that may be targeted, such as:

While Google is notorious for using its users’ data in intrusive and bizarre ways, we, at least, know that they will not bow down to the government, and this is a big step forward.

What's important to you in regard to privacy? Share it in the comments!

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    armani sxx
    5 years ago
    Well I don't know. Safety is important, but... it will be very uncomfortable. You will be very distracted from the case when you will see these warnings
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