Google Search On Android Improved For Movies, Music

Google Search On Android Improved For Movies, Music on Freepps Top Blog
A neverending tale of refinements released for Google Now and Google Search has seen a new chapter. As per our own experience and Google Search Blog, the latest addition to Search on Android is contextual information for all media related topics like music, movies and TV shows which will from now on be displayed separately in search results.

This twist is clearly coming from Google's desktop functionality, but it's perfectly optimized for the Android app with Material Design sprinkled in strategic places. 

How you don't really have to leave the browser to get extra information, as most of it will be at tap's reach. When I did a quick Google search for the awesome movie called The Gift, it returned the ratings from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, as well as gave me the short plot synopsis, though the latter might be a bad idea spoiler-wise.
Just a quick searchGoogle Search Results

Also, the app's newest feature allows you to surf the cast along with related movies, which is extremely nice for movie fans.

The only thing that obviously needs attention is actually getting the media you're searching for. Tapping around to rent/buy the movie was a little awkward as I couldn't accomplish this mission. With a swarm of media available at Google Play Store not adding them to search results is a huge usability setback.
All within you browserLearn more about the actor

Currently, the feature is not available for all Android devices - apparently the device should be running at least Lollipop to support this. 

Please do check it out and share your opinions below!

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  • M
    5 years ago
    Oh...finally I found it. I mean it's a good app for searching new movies. I like when I can find more information about movies and read some reviews.
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