Google Spaces To Make Sharing Easier

Google Spaces To Make Sharing Easier on Freepps Top Blog

Ahead of its '2016 I/O, Google has decided to release a new app that will make sharing stuff easier.

Especially handy for group conferences, the Spaces app will let you share files in groups without having to leave the app to hop to a separate window, thus allowing you to stay focused and keep the conversation going according to its topic. Copying and pasting are about to get significantly easier and better on a wide range of devices.

Using of Spaces

Leave the hopping to the Greek islands you'll visit this summer as the Spaces app comes with Search, Chrome and even YouTube on board. This way, leaving the app is barely necessary.

In its looks, Spaces looks like a dime a dozen messaging app, albeit with some Google+ flair.  Despite this, you're not limited to Google's social networking effort, and you're free to invite whoever you want through email, messaging and other social networks.

Easy sharing and conversation

The search feature that Spaces is endowed with lets you browse previous versions of images, utilizing the tricks from Google Photos' sleeve. Also, you can search for videos and even comments that were added to them.

Every developer at I/O 2016 will have a chance to try Google Spaces as the company is planning to set up an account for each of them to give the app a thorough test drive.

Also, unveiling the app before the conference itself is likely a hint that we'll see so many new things that there's no place at the inn for an app. 

Looking forward to what'll bask in the spotlight at the I/O!

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