Google to Charge European Search Platforms to Be the Android Default

Google to Charge European Search Platforms to Be the Android Default on Freepps Top Blog

Google is planning to charge its competitor search providers to show among the default options accessible to European Android users during their gadget set-up procedure. According to the Internet giant, European Android fans will enjoy a new choice screen when starting to use their smartphone or tablet. The new choice screen will display a selection of options to stick with to be a user’s default Google Chrome and Android home screen search engine.

Google already allows Android aficionados to update their default provider whenever they like. The upcoming setup page gives them the possibility to change their preselected provider when setting up their gadget. According to Google, competitor search platforms will have to partake in a blind auction if they want to be placed among those default options. Read on to explore the process and figure out more details on this topic.

More Details on the Upcoming Auction

During the auction, search provider companies will define how much they want to be charged each time an Android user chooses their service from the new choice screen within the specific European country. A minimum bid limit will be established for each region. The trio of the highest bidding companies that will either comply with or exceed the bid limits within their region will find themselves among their local choice screen options.

In case less than three search provider companies meet or exceed the bid limits, Google is planning to load the rest of slots in a random mode, by selecting among the remaining eligible search provider companies that haven’t submitted their bids. A screenshot shared by Google shows the names a few competitive search platforms, Yahoo and Qwant being among them.

According to the latest reports, a wide range of platforms are free to submit their applications to become part of the updated choice screen. Google says that European search providers have the possibility to submit their applications to participate in the auction as well as place their bids until September 13, 2019.

The reports about the auction follow a hefty $5 billion fine Google is facing from the European Commission due to the alleged abuse of its market dominance, monopolizing the digital scene, and controlling the search results in particular. As of today, Google has appealed the fine, claiming that the corporation is in the process of improving their marketing strategies to adhere to the EU’s policies. Based on the latest reports, the European Commission is going to look into the aforementioned choice screen mechanism implementation very closely.

Cutting to the Chase: What’s Your Opinion?

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