Google To Fix Your Travel Plans With Trips

Google To Fix Your Travel Plans With Trips on Freepps Top Blog

For a mastodon like Google, it's essential to ensure that its services cover as much ground as possible, as any other option would mean lost - more like not earned - profits.

For travelers of all sorts, Google has long been an important companion. With free apps like Maps, Inbox and Flight Search planning your trip and beyond already was uber-easy. 

And behold, it's about to get even easier with Google's new service, reportedly dubbed Sailfish Trips. 

While the naming could've been more ornate, the assumed functionality is set to satisfy the most demanding travel aficionados like lifestyle bloggers and generally, all the people with a pay grade below the "personal travel manager" threshold. 

Google Trips app

If you're familiar with Google's Local Guides program, it'll give you a hint about what contents you should expect to see. The app would blend hints, tips and ratings written by local experts into travel guides for certain locations.

Trips will let you bundle your travel data and download it to your device for offline use.

Trips will process the travel-related information like bookings and flights from other Google services you're using like Google Inbox does, albeit with a slight difference. You'll be able to bundle this data and download it to your device for offline use. Farewell, exorbitant data roaming charges and sporadic WiFi access! 

The guides  will be divided into sections like:

  • Reservations;
  • Food & Drink;
  • Need to know;
  • Things To Do;
  • Getting Around; 
  • and Local Eats, respectively. 

They will contain tips on getting to and from the airport, public transport schedules, taxi fares and rental information.

Google Trips app

Things to do will let you check all the popular spots, local events and suggestions, including ones outside the immediate vicinity. All of this goodness will also come with Google Maps ratings, just to make you doubly sure.

In order to get access to the app now, you have to be a level 2 Local Guide. If  your brass is earned, you'll be able to enjoy all the material goodness of Google Trips app minus the wait.  

Predictably, all of this could simply boil down to rumors, and Google, par for the course, wouldn't comment, but who doesn't love a good rumor? Tip: Katherine Heigl.

What features would you like to see in Google Trips? Share it in the comments!

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