Google Translate Invading ALL of Your Apps!

Google Translate Invading ALL of Your Apps! on Freepps Top Blog

The innovation of Google Translate 5.0 seems the most noticeable in any sense. Since this version, the Translate button will not be restricted to the app itself. You can translate text wherever you may copy or paste it.

It looks like a logical step next to Now on Tap available from any app. When you copy a random text, a small Translate button appears to the right of the field you took it from. Tap on the button and you will automatically get a translation. The most obvious use of it is to use the same window to translate your response back, copy it and paste as the answer. You can also tap the speaker pictogram and listen to how it sounds. Maybe you’ll memorize some popular phrases in your friend’s language and show it off when you meet in real life.

This experience with translator integrated into the system reminds what Google Translate looks like in Chrome. The service integrates with any page you visit seamlessly.

Translate text in any application

Google has introduced a video explaining the essence of this innovation. By the way, you can share this video via a new YouTube messaging feature that was also introduced on May 12th.

The feature requires a new version of Google Translate that is not available via Google Play for some regions yet.

But you are welcome to download the APK file and install it, it’s easy to find. 

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